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Stroke recovery: The state of the science

Harnessing the brain’s capacity to overcome disability

We speak to stroke rehabilitation researcher Prof. Julie Bernhardt about the state of the science in stroke recovery. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Prof Bernhardt and her team develop and test new exercises and rehabilitation techniques that aim not only to reduce disability but promote recovery. This includes renewed attention to precise timing of therapeutic interventions, and to environmental enrichment of clinical spaces. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

What we really are trying to do now is develop treatments that are targeting recovery, which is about brain repair and change, not just about compensation. That’s a real shift in our thinking.

Full transcript and more information available here.


Prof Julie Bernhardt is the Head of the Stroke Division and Leader of the AVERT Early Intervention Research Program. She is a Senior Principal Research Fellow and clinician researcher. Working in a large multidisciplinary team of researchers, the focus of Julie’s group is the development and testing of new exercise and rehabilitation interventions that aim to reduce the burden of stroke related disability. Julie is Australia’s leading stroke rehabilitation trialist, recently completing the largest, international trial of early mobility based rehabilitation ever conducted (AVERT), which included over 2000 patients from five countries.

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