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  • Associate Professor Timothy J. Lynch

    School of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne

  1. 4 November 2018 - Public Affairs

    American tribalism let loose

    The US midterm elections may be the most tribal in history as both sides of politics compete to play the victim says a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 16 May 2018 - Public Affairs

    What comes after America’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal?

    Two University of Melbourne experts debate President Trump's move to withdraw the US from the nuclear deal with Iran; is it reckless or tactical foreign policy?

  3. 20 December 2017 - Humanities

    Part 1: 2018 Summer reading

    Reading a good book on holiday is one of life’s indulgences, but getting a gem of a recommendation from our University of Melbourne experts can be a true gift.

  4. 21 January 2017 - Public Affairs

    President Trump: 10 reasons not to be afraid

    President Trump will not have a completely clear run to do what he wants in Government – there are plenty of checks and balances to keep a rein on him.

  5. 10 November 2016 - Public Affairs

    How the unfit triumphed over the uninspiring

    Hillary Clinton lost because she didn’t portend any real change. And she failed to energise the people who had grown weary of her progressive platitudes.

  6. Podcast1 November 2016 - The Policy Shop

    The US Election – a policy free zone

    Policy issues account for less than nine per cent of media coverage and the presidential candidates’ qualifications for the Oval Office account for even less.

  7. 21 October 2016 - Public Affairs

    Debate trilogy: From the mad to the bad to the crazy

    The three divisive Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debates in the 2016 Presidential campaign shows the diverse and wondrous perplexity of United States politics.

  8. 11 October 2016 - Public Affairs

    Why Trump is like the Terminator

    Just like the movie character Terminator, Donald Trump is still standing in the Presidential race despite the hammer blows he’s taken to his reputation.

  9. 9 September 2016 - Public Affairs

    Trump, Clinton and the politics of 9/11

    Donald Trump exploits the fact he was in New York when thousands died in the Twin Towers, while Hillary Clinton is a foreign policy hawk keen to show her wares.

  10. Podcast8 September 2016 - The Policy Shop

    How can literature influence public policy?

    Has literature failed to elicit empathy for our fellow human beings? And are we asking too much of literature in an age of 140 characters or less?