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Veterinary treatment and research, animal health and welfare, the science and economics of food production and farming.

  1. 10 July 2022 – Animals, Cambodia, Disease, Dogs, Wars

    The treatments keeping landmine detection dogs in the field

    New University of Melbourne research identifies the best treatments to protect Cambodia’s crucial landmine detection dogs from deadly tick-borne diseases

  2. 20 June 2022 – Animal Welfare, Horseracing, Injury, Sports, Veterinary Sciences

    The biometric data that could predict racehorse injury

    Linking existing biometric data could help identify and prevent racehorse injuries before they become catastrophic, finds University of Melbourne research.

  3. 31 May 2022 – 2022 Australian Election, Australia, Food, Food Security, Supply Chains

    Australia’s new government must tackle food insecurity

    Australia’s ability to weather shocks to its food security deserves more attention from the in-coming government, says new University of Melbourne research

  4. 25 March 2022 – Animal Behaviour, Animal Welfare, Dogs, Evolution, Veterinary Sciences

    Science can help dogs enjoy their best life

    A University of Melbourne expert is part of a new TV series exploring the life of dogs and how science is helping us understand what makes our canine pals happy

  5. 4 March 2022 – Australia, Climate Change, Food Security, Pandemic, Supply Chains

    Australia’s risky food supply chains

    University of Melbourne experts say Australia can’t rely on industry and charities to feed people during disasters - government must lead in food security.

  6. 17 January 2022 – Adaption, Conservation, Extinction, Genomics, Targeted Genetic Intervention

    Using genetics to conserve wildlife

    Targeted Genetic Intervention may provide the opportunity to conserve species by altering their genetics to help them adapt, says University of Melbourne expert

  7. 9 November 2021 – Air Pollutants, Climate, Methane, Nitrogen Pollution, Particles

    Cutting agricultural emissions will reduce air pollution and save lives

    Reducing ammonia emissions from agriculture will substantially benefit global health, and at a low cost shows new research led by the University of Melbourne.

  8. 3 November 2021 – Climate, Farming, Finance, Food Security, Regenerative Agriculture

    Redefining Farmland value for climate and food security

    Regenerative agriculture can translate environmental health of farmland into economic value and address climate change, explain University of Melbourne experts.

  9. 1 November 2021 – Agriculture, Climate Change, Fertiliser, Food Security, Nitrogen Pollution

    Five priorities for managing nitrogen pollution

    Nitrogen is essential for life on Earth but excess can damage the environment. University of Melbourne researchers recommend five areas of focus for management.