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Veterinary treatment and research, animal health and welfare, the science and economics of food production and farming.

  1. 10 July 2020 – Animals, COVID-19, Infectious diseases, Pandemic, Viruses

    Testing wildlife could stop pandemics in their tracks

    The key to reducing disease in humans is proactive disease surveillance in animals; we already have the technology to do it say University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 29 May 2020 – Climate, Decision-making, Risk Perception, Water, Water Management

    Water management? Yes, it’s personal

    Water-planning experts shows they have vastly differing risk perceptions, which may reduce the chance of innovative practices being implemented finds U

  3. 25 May 2020 – Agriculture, Climate, Dairy, Farming, Robotic Dairy

    Helping dairy cows to beat the heat

    Heat stress is a key issue for the dairy industry, but some strategies may help reduce the negative impacts on cows, finds new University of Melbourne research.

  4. 8 April 2020 – Animals, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Infectious diseases, Viruses

    Don’t blame the pangolin (or any other animal) for COVID-19

    Animals may be the original hosts for viruses such as COVID-19, but the causes of transmission to humans are our fault, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 29 March 2020 – Australia, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Food, Social Policy

    Our food supply has problems with equity, not quantity

    Shocks to our food supply provide opportunity to transform our food systems to be healthier, more sustainable and equitable say University of Melbourne experts.

  6. 14 February 2020 – Alcohol, Artificial Intelligence, Beer, Brewing, Robotics

    A robot nose for a true brew

    The aroma of beer is a key indicator of its quality, now new University of Melbourne technology can ‘sniff’ a beer to help brewers create top notch tasty brews.

  7. 24 January 2020 – Animal Behaviour, Dogs, Pet Health, Pets, Veterinary Sciences

    Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs

    Separation anxiety in pets can seriously affect the quality of their life and their owner's, but you can reduce the risks says a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 21 January 2020 – Agriculture, Crops, Food Security, Genetics, Quinoa

    A question of quinoa

    Traditional knowledge from the Andean peoples is inspiring University of Melbourne research on quinoa flowering and the development of future breeding programs.

  9. 22 December 2019 – Disease, Food, Food poisoning , Holidays, Nutrition

    How to avoid food poisoning this festive season

    Food poisoning can ruin the holidays, but there are some simple steps to help stay safe and enjoy your favourite foods, explain University of Melbourne experts.