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Veterinary treatment and research, animal health and welfare, the science and economics of food production and farming.

  1. 29 March 2020 – Australia, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Food, Social Policy

    Our food supply has problems with equity, not quantity

    Shocks to our food supply provide opportunity to transform our food systems to be healthier, more sustainable and equitable say University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 14 February 2020 – Alcohol, Artificial Intelligence, Beer, Brewing, Robotics

    A robot nose for a true brew

    The aroma of beer is a key indicator of its quality, now new University of Melbourne technology can ‘sniff’ a beer to help brewers create top notch tasty brews.

  3. 21 January 2020 – Agriculture, Crops, Food Security, Genetics, Quinoa

    A question of quinoa

    Traditional knowledge from the Andean peoples is inspiring University of Melbourne research on quinoa flowering and the development of future breeding programs.

  4. 22 December 2019 – Disease, Food, Food poisoning , Holidays, Nutrition

    How to avoid food poisoning this festive season

    Food poisoning can ruin the holidays, but there are some simple steps to help stay safe and enjoy your favourite foods, explain University of Melbourne experts.

  5. 8 December 2019 – Agriculture, Antibiotic resistance, Farming, Food, Genetics

    How do we get antibiotic resistance genes in a salad?

    Animal manure is a known source of antibiotic resistance genes, now new research from the University of Melbourne reveals how they travel from the soil to salad

  6. 9 October 2019 – Diet, Food, Nutrition, Plants, Vegetarian

    Switching to a plant-based diet? Keep an eye on your micronutrients

    Health and environment concerns mean people are switching to a plant-based diet, but University of Melbourne experts say they may miss out on key micronutrients

  7. 3 October 2019 – Agriculture, Agriculture Technology, Herbicide, Soil, Weeds

    Zap! And the weeds are gone

    New technology developed by a University of Melbourne researcher uses microwaves to zap weeds in the ground, and has potential to reduce the need for herbicides

  8. 4 September 2019 – Animals, Cambodia, Disease, Dogs, Wars

    Protecting Cambodia’s landmine detection dogs

    University of Melbourne research has developed a new technique to keep mine detection dogs clearing landmines in Cambodia free of deadly tropical diseases.

  9. 29 August 2019 – Agriculture, Agriculture Technology, Bushfires, Climate Change, Wine

    Using tech to save wine from bushfire smoke

    Bushfires can ruin wine grapes with smoke contamination, but new digital tools developed at the University of Melbourne could help winemakers reduce the damage.