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Veterinary treatment and research, animal health and welfare, the science and economics of food production and farming.

  1. 16 March 2021 – Australia, International Students, Poverty, Student Welfare, Universities

    Food for thought

    University students going hungry in Australia was a problem before COVID-19 – it’s time we had sustainable solutions, say University of Melbourne researchers

  2. 7 March 2021 – Animal Welfare, Bacteria, Dairy, International Women's Day, Vaccines

    Safeguarding Australia’s dairy herd

    New University of Melbourne research aims to develop a vaccine for Mycoplasma bovis mastitis - one of dairy’s major problems - using CRISPR technology.

  3. 22 February 2021 – Agriculture, Climate, Farming, Genetics, Heatwaves

    Helping crops survive heatwaves

    By understanding how extreme heat impacts plant genetics, University of Melbourne researchers aim to breed more resilient crops for a warmer world.

  4. 26 January 2021 – Avian Coronaviruses, COVID-19, Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), Poultry, Vaccines

    What chickens can tell us about living with COVID-19

    The poultry industry copes with an avian coronavirus that can tell us a lot about tackling SARS-CoV-2 and future viruses says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 24 January 2021 – Animals, Anxiety, Pandemic, Pets, Self-isolation

    Life after the pandemic for your (new) pet

    As we start to emerge after lockdown, there are some steps that can help your pet adapt to life after social distancing says a University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 7 December 2020 – Animal Welfare, Bones, Horseracing, Sports Medicine, Veterinary Sciences

    Preventing racehorse injuries

    Racehorse injuries can be prevented by careful practice for the horse and monitoring by veterinarians aided by imaging tech, says University of Melbourne expert

  7. 30 October 2020 – Biodiversity, Conservation, Extinction, Frogs, Threatened Species

    How do some frogs ‘rebound’ after disease while others perish?

    A new University of Melbourne-led study shows how some frog species survive infectious disease epidemics, and how this knowledge can direct wildlife management.

  8. 18 September 2020 – Cats, Coronavirus, One Health, Remdesivir, Veterinary Sciences

    Coronavirus in cats?

    Remdesivir may greatly benefit cats suffering from a deadly disease caused by a different coronavirus to COVID-19 says a University of Melbourne expert

  9. 16 September 2020 – Conservation, DNA, Environment, Frogs

    Detecting amphibian pathogens in the water to boost frog conservation

    Frog diseases can be detected in environmental samples like soil and water finds an international team of researchers including University of Melbourne.