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Pursuit asks some big questions.

How does Long COVID affect our brains? How are we going to adapt to our new climate extremes? Are we really on the brink of an artificial intelligence apocalypse? Does dark matter exist? Do cricketers really suffer from the ‘nervous Nineties’?

And why (on Earth) do some people believe our planet is flat?

These are just a few of the stories you will discover on Pursuit, our award-winning research news website at the University of Melbourne – Australia’s top-ranked university.

Updated regularly with a restless focus on what occupies our lives today, Pursuit offers independent academic expertise, coupled with journalistic rigour and editorial transparency at a time when the integrity of the news we’re getting matters.

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s most research-intensive institution with a community of passionate and world-leading researchers.

Their stories aim to give you a greater understanding and an inspiring appreciation of our world – whether you’re reading us in Melbourne, the UK, the US or India.

Pursuit publishes trustworthy and credible news that breaks through the jargon to give you more insight into the world around you.

We offer analysis, thought leadership, opinions and commentary from academics and researchers who are experts in their field – contributing their personal point-of-view when it comes to some the big issues that affect us every day, beyond the daily news cycle.

It might be long articles to enjoy at your leisure, shorter insights to tease your curiosity on your daily commute, or a deeper reflection on our research and the challenges we face as a society.

The Pursuit team is made up of our Senior Content Producer, Dr Nerissa Hannink; Content Producer, Dr Daryl Holland and myself – but we also have a large number of gifted academics writing high quality and diverse articles covering everything from Shakespeare and the secrets of archaeology to quantum theory and Australia’s “thirsty” air – as well as many things in between.

We hope that you not only subscribe to Pursuit but also tell a friend. Either way, we hope you enjoy and feel like you learn something new along the way.

The Pursuit team

  • Portrait of Imogen Crump
    Imogen Crump
    Imogen is an award-winning journalist and editor with almost 30 years of news and current affairs experience, mainly with the BBC and the ABC, before joining the University of Melbourne. She's worked in TV, radio, online and digital platforms and now applies her journalistic rigour and editorial enthusiasm to telling the University's stories.
  • Portrait of Dr Nerissa Hannink
    Senior content producer
    Dr Nerissa Hannink
    During her time as a researcher, Nerissa discovered the joy of telling stories about other people’s work. After media and public relations roles, Nerissa joined the Pursuit team, working with academics to share their research through words, pictures and video.
  • Portrait of Dr Daryl Holland
    Content producer
    Dr Daryl Holland
    With a background in both scientific research, and media and communications, Daryl's passion is collaborating with academics to translate their complex research into engaging stories.
  • Portrait of Katherine Smith
    Content manager, research and pursuit contributing producer
    Katherine Smith
    Katherine has been communicating University of Melbourne research for 20+ years in print, online and in video. She completed her masters by research in medieval literature.

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