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Terms of use

These terms and conditions (Terms) are between you and The University of Melbourne (ABN 84 002 705 224) (University) and govern your use of the Pursuit website (Website).

By accessing and using the Website you agree to be bound by and abide by these Terms.

  1. About the Website
    1. Pursuit is an open-access website which is published by the University.
    2. The aim of Pursuit is to showcase the University’s research activities and their impact upon the world, chiefly though stories, videos, podcasts and pictures.
    3. Information on the Website has been compiled from a number of sources and includes articles, research findings, expert commentary, images and audio-visual content submitted by academic or professional staff and students (or alumni) at the University (together, Content).
  2. Use of the Website
    1. You must comply with all applicable laws in your use of the Website and must not use the Website for any purpose which is unlawful or does not comply with these Terms.
    2. Unless otherwise stated on the Website, you may copy and redistribute the Content in any medium or format for any purpose (including commercial purposes), provided that this is done in accordance with the requirements of the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0 AU) licence (Creative Commons Licence) including that:
      1. you give appropriate credit, provide a link to the Creative Commons Licence, and indicate if changes were made to the Content;
      2. you copy and redistribute the Content in a reasonable manner, and not in any way that suggests that the University or the author of the Content endorses you or your use; and
      3. if you remix, transform or build upon the Content, you may not distribute the modified Content.
    3. You must confirm that you are licensed to republish images in our articles. Some sources don't allow their images to be republished without permission.
    4. If you wish to leave comments on any Content or otherwise participate in online discussions you must comply with the The University of Melbourne Social Media Terms of Use.
  3. Responsibility for Content, Liability
    1. The University makes no warranty about the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the Content or other information on the Website and your access to and use of the Content is at your own risk.
    2. To the extent permitted by law, the University is not liable to you or any third party (including in negligence) in connection with:
      1. the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the Content or any information on the Website;
      2. the actions or activities of third parties (including users of the Website);
      3. your use or distribution of the Content;
      4. any decision to remove Content from the Website; or
      5. any link to a third party website.
    3. You may report any non-compliant Content by emailing copyright-office@unimelb.edu.au.
  4. Privacy
    1. The University deals with personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice Statement.
  5. Governing Law
    1. These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia and you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.
  6. Changes to Terms
    1. The University may change these Terms at any time without notice. You agree to be bound by the changed Terms if you use the Website after they have changed.