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  1. 8 February 2024 - Humanities

    ‘...Ready for it?’: How Taylor is changing modern society

    Celebrities – like Taylor Swift – are increasingly lending their fame to socio-political issues, taking fans with them, explain University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 8 February 2024 - Legal Affairs

    ‘Picture to burn’: The law probably won’t protect Taylor (or other women) from deepfakes

    Legal redress is hard to come by – even if you're Taylor Swift – if you're a victim of an AI deepfake pornography and abuse, says University of Melbourne expert

  3. 8 February 2024 - Engineering & Technology

    ‘Anti-hero’: A philosophical take on Taylor’s existential authenticity

    A University of Melbourne expert asks what it means to be ‘authentic’ when you are a mega-celebrity, like Taylor Swift, in the digital age

  4. 8 February 2024 - Humanities

    ‘The Man’: Taylor’s feminism could go so much further

    Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ should go further for feminism - focusing instead on not making ‘alpha male’ the standard, say University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 8 February 2024 - Humanities

    ‘The 1’: Something’s been forgotten in the Kanye-Taylor feud

    Although Taylor Swift was the ‘victim’ of Kanye West's 2009 VMA’s “I’mma let you finish” moment, Beyoncé lost out too, says University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 8 February 2024 - Humanities

    ‘Blank Space’: What if AI wrote the songs?

    Taylor Swift fans love the honesty, vulnerability and relatability of her lyrics – but, University of Melbourne experts ask, what if AI wrote the words?

  7. 29 January 2024 - Humanities

    Digital ‘history machines’ are never politically neutral

    As library, museum and other heritage collections go online, we need to consider who is creating these collections and why, says University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 23 January 2024 - Humanities

    Ancestral ties to the Kabayan ‘fire’ mummies is driving research to save them

    A family link to the Philippines’ Kabayan mummies inspired University of Melbourne research into environmental changes in the mountain caves that house them.

  9. 21 December 2023 - Humanities

    Why children’s stories are full of orphans, evil stepmothers and boarding schools

    While ideas of family are changing, from Dickens to Rowling, absent parents are an enduring element of kid's books says University of Melbourne experts.