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From urban planning to the architecture of the built environment, the structure and function of our surroundings can influence all aspects of human life.

  1. 23 December 2021 – 2021, Australia, COP26, Carbon Emissions, Climate Change

    What we now know about climate change after 2021

    2021 made us focus on climate change as well as COVID-19; University of Melbourne experts discuss what we now know about climate change at the end of 2021

  2. 3 December 2021 – COP26, Climate, Environment, Foreign Policy, Government

    Local climate action blocked by foreign relations laws

    Foreign relations laws are hindering efforts Australian state and local governments are making for global climate targets, says a University of Melbourne expert

  3. 29 October 2021 – COP26, Cities, Climate Change, Education, Urban Design

    Despairing about climate change?

    Education plays a key role in inspiring cities and communities to create more resilient places for our climate future, say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 26 October 2021 – Affordable Housing, Public Housing, Social Housing, Social Value, Sustainability

    Building social value into affordable housing

    Victoria's big investment in social and affordable housing is an opportunity for design innovation to create social value, say University of Melbourne experts

  5. 25 October 2021 – Australia, COP26, Carbon Emissions, Melbourne Climate Futures, Renewable Energy

    Building just and prosperous zero-carbon regions

    Australian and international successes highlight the factors for accelerating well-managed regional energy transitions, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 21 October 2021 – COP26, Climate Change, Emissions, Global Warming, Population Health

    Australia given serious health warning on climate change

    Research monitoring the health impacts of climate change highlights the global emergency and the threat to Australians, warn University of Melbourne experts.

  7. 27 September 2021 – COP26, Climate Change, Melbourne Climate Futures, Renewable Energy, Resilience

    Hope and courage in the climate crisis

    A new book by a University of Melbourne expert is a guided tour of ideas to inspire and sustain hope and courage in the climate change emergency before us.

  8. 22 September 2021 – COVID-19, Flexible Working, Management, Work, Work-Life Balance

    From ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’ in the post-COVID workplace

    The experiences of workers pre and post-pandemic offer five lessons for organisations to reimagine workplaces and practices say University of Melbourne experts.

  9. 15 September 2021 – Australia, Homeless, Housing, Public Housing, Women

    Protecting older Australian women from homelessness

    A University of Melbourne expert says older Australian women are the fastest growing group experiencing homelessness and more access to social housing will help