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From urban planning to the architecture of the built environment, the structure and function of our surroundings can influence all aspects of human life.

  1. Podcast23 January 2019 – Australia, Climate Change, Melbourne, Resilience, Sustainability

    Australia: Liveability vs sustainability

    In this episode of the University of Melbourne's Eavesdrop on Experts podcast Professor Lars Coenen looks at how Melbourne can become a truly sustainable city.

  2. 27 November 2018 – Cities, Climate Change, Global Warming, Urban Design, Urban Planning

    Building cities for a changing climate

    Our cities are responsible for most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; University of Melbourne research identifies the barriers to building sustainably.

  3. 20 November 2018 – Building Codes, Cladding, Fires

    The particles making building cladding fire-safe

    University of Melbourne researchers and industry have found that tiny ceramic particles can make plastic-backed cladding fire-safe for building.

  4. 8 November 2018 – Cities, Community, Culture, Urban Design, Urbanisation

    Lovability versus liveability: What big data tells us about our neighbourhoods

    What makes a place a community is far more than bricks-and-mortar and services; a University of Melbourne special explores the future of Australian cities.

  5. 4 November 2018 – Classrooms, Education, Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), School Design, Schools

    The next generation of Australian schools

    Victoria needs as many as 200 new schools in the coming decade; University of Melbourne research is helping inform their design, to meet modern education needs.

  6. 25 September 2018 – Architecture, Cities, Governance, Infrastructure, Urban Planning

    Stuck in the past: Overhauling the governance of Australia’s cities

    Australia needs fresh metropolitan governance to tackle complex issues, but a University of Melbourne expert says that's already happening in cities overseas.

  7. 9 September 2018 – Architecture, Developing Countries, Infrastructure, Poverty, Urban Design

    Transforming informal settlements

    'Informal settlements' in cities like Mumbai have the potential to become dynamic and diverse neighbourhoods, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 7 September 2018 – Affordability, House Prices, Housing, Infrastructure, Urban Planning

    An Australian place to call home

    As Melbourne's population hits 5 million, a University of Melbourne reports looks at Victoria's need to use land wisely to meet the need for affordable housing.

  9. 18 July 2018 – Architecture, Design, Exhibitions, Indigenous, Town Planning

    Q&A: The Indigenous design perspective

    The Indigenous design perspective has been ignored for too long, says University of Melbourne architect Jefa Greenaway. But things are changing.

  10. 20 June 2018 – Disadvantage, Homeless, Housing, Melbourne, Public Housing

    Melbourne's housing crisis and homelessness

    As Melbourne faces a housing crisis, a University of Melbourne expert looks at a new scheme that's getting people who’ve become homeless into home ownership.