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From urban planning to the architecture of the built environment, the structure and function of our surroundings can influence all aspects of human life.

  1. 14 July 2017 – Climate Change, EcoCity Summit 2017, Ecocity, Urban Design, Urbanisation

    Changing the way we think about ecocities

    The way we understand ecocities needs radical change; only this, says a University of Melbourne expert, will empower everyone to co-create a sustainable future.

  2. 14 July 2017 – Climate Change, EcoCity Summit 2017, Ecocity, Urban Design, Urbanisation

    Retrofitting suburbia

    How do you retrofit suburbia for a sustainable future? The University of Melbourne finds out what role suburbs can play in creating an ecocity.

  3. 21 June 2017 – Building Codes, Building and Planning, Cladding, Fires, High-Rise

    Cladding fires: a fatal warning of a bigger problem

    The Grenfell fire is a warning of the danger of performance-based building codes compared with 1980s prescriptive approaches says University of Melbourne expert

  4. 5 June 2017 – COP21 talks, China, Climate Change, Donald Trump, Environment

    Trump’s political climate

    Trump's announcement the US is pulling out of the Paris Accord may be a blow for climate action, but others remain committed, says the University of Melbourne.

  5. 19 May 2017 – Bicycle Networks, China, Cycling, Infrastructure, Transport

    A greener ‘Kingdom of Bicycles’

    As China touts its green energy ambitions, University of Melbourne research finds a return to the Kingdom of the Bicycle isn't getting cyclists on the road.

  6. 14 March 2017 – Apartments, Building Codes, Building and Planning, Climate Change, Heatwaves

    Why apartments are failing the heat stress test

    Most of Melbourne's apartments would fail international building health standards during a heatwave, and Australian building standards don't cover heat stress.

  7. 24 February 2017 – Bushfires, Resilience, Urban Design, Urban Planning

    Bushfires: have you treated your risks?

    Taking simple precautions can make all the difference when it comes to bushfire resilience.

  8. 18 January 2017 – Art, Community, Flow, Social Action, Sustainability

    How hands-on art can make a difference

    By encouraging their audience to participate in art making, artists are using the idea of 'flow' to personally engage people in the issues they are exploring.

  9. Podcast30 December 2016 – Bioscience, Chemical engineering, Cities, Environment

    How are birds faring in our cities?

    We chat with two PhD researchers about their work on the impact of city lights on birds, and learning from our digestive systems to build better detergents.

  10. Podcast18 November 2016 – Cities, Public health, Transport, Urban Design, Urban Planning

    Designing cities with health in mind

    Public health specialist Professor Mark Stevenson from the University of Melbourne on the need to prioritise physical wellbeing in our urban planning.