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Eavesdrop on Experts

Hear researchers obsess, confess and profess – changing the world one experiment, one paper and one interview at a time

  1. Listen3 February 2021 – COVID-19, Cemeteries, Death, Funerals, Technology

    The stuff of death and the death of stuff

    University of Melbourne anthropologist Hannah Gould discusses her research into death, material culture, spirituality and the effects of COVID-19 on death care.

  2. Listen20 January 2021 – Communication, Computer Science, Culture, Hacking, Technology

    The politics of hacking

    Associate Professor Dunbar-Hester discusses the cultures and the communities of the digital era, with a particular focus on media and technology activists.

  3. Listen6 January 2021 – Animals, Biodiversity, COVID-19, Conservation, Pandemic

    What COVID has taught us about the wildlife trade

    PhD student and conservation scientist Gerry Ryan explores the connections between global pandemics, humans, livestock, wildlife and conservation.

  1. Listen9 December 2020 – Environment, First Nations, Indigenous, Indigenous Land Management, Narrm Oration

    Everything is Country

    Wiradjuri man and University of Melbourne geographer Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher explores how belonging to Country embeds us within the world

  2. Listen25 November 2020 – Brain, Chronic Illness, Coughing, Neuroscience, Respiratory diseases

    The science of coughing

    Coughing is a human defensive reflex - it keeps our airways clear - but Professor Stuart Mazzone explains the difference between a good cough and a bad cough.

  3. Listen11 November 2020 – Advertising, Marketing, Psychology, Social Media, Viral Marketing

    What makes super-viral content so shareable?

    Dr Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne collects memes. His research reveals the psychological triggers that evoke social media content sharing and why.

  4. Listen28 October 2020 – Algorithms, Art, Human-Computer Interaction, Mathematics, Visualisation

    The algorithms of art

    The University of Melbourne’s Professor Smith-Miles’ has created a collection of intricate and beautiful 2D images, arising from her mathematics research.

  5. Listen14 October 2020 – Cancer, Medical Research, Peptide, Proteins, Technology

    The tiny world of peptides

    Health and cosmetic products contain peptides for a range of uses. Dr Troy Attard from University of Melbourne explains peptides and what they're used for.

  6. Listen30 September 2020 – Brain, Music, Neuroscience, Psychology

    The brain benefits of music

    The University of Melbourne's Professor Sarah Wilson discusses music neuroscience and why no other species uses a complex musical system like we do.