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Eavesdrop on Experts

Hear researchers obsess, confess and profess – changing the world one experiment, one paper and one interview at a time

  1. Listen17 March 2020 – DNA, Disease, Epigenetics, Genetics, Pregnancy

    Shaping the brain: Before, during and after birth

    Neurologist Professor Tracy Bale looks at how our life experiences can be transmitted biologically to the next generation and how that shapes our unique brains.

  2. Listen7 March 2020 – Climate, Evolution, Fossils, Geology, International Women's Day

    On the hunt for ancient reefs

    As we mark International Women's Day, the university of Melbourne's Dr Ashleigh Hood describes the inspiration behind her worldwide search for ancient reefs.

  3. Listen19 February 2020 – Climate, Democracy, Environment, Politics, Social Science

    Renewing Democracy in a time of environmental crisis

    Social researcher and author Dr Rebecca Huntley says renewing democracy is critical to dealing with climate change since we have little trust in our politicians

  4. Listen5 February 2020 – Animal Welfare, Foreign Aid, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Poverty

    The life you can save

    The University of Melbourne's Professor Peter Singer discusses why we should be doing much more to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty.

  5. Listen22 January 2020 – Cancer, Development, Genetics, Oncology, Women In Science

    Decoding cancer cell communication

    Professor Elizabeth Vincan at the University of Melbourne identified the genes in an ancient form of cell-to-cell communication, and a new target against cancer

  6. Listen8 January 2020 – Human Genome, Immunology, Lupus, Microbiome

    Being bold in medical research

    Professor Fabienne Mackay’s work led to the first new treatment for lupus in over 50 years but there is much more to do and she says researchers need to be bold

  7. Listen11 December 2019 – Adolescent Health, Psychology, Social Media, Technology, Teenagers

    What will it be like for teenagers of the future?

    Through her research and a new novel, a University of Melbourne psychologist is exploring how teenagers respond to technology and social media in their lives.

  8. Listen27 November 2019 – Cancer, Diabetes, Drug Development, Innovation, Research

    Science, society and drug design

    After being the first in his family to go to university, biochemist Sir Thomas Blundell has worked in music, local council, medical research and advisor to a PM

  9. Listen13 November 2019 – Hepatitis B, Liver Cancer, Liver Disease, Virology, Viruses

    Exposing the hepatitis B virus

    Professor Peter Revill and Dr Thomas Tu are part of a global effort to find a cure for hepatitis B virus that is making new progress like exposing its blueprint

  10. Listen30 October 2019 – Art, Earth Sciences, Earthquake, Geology, Melbourne

    The artistry of geology

    Engineering geologist Michael Webster combined his passion for geology and art, turning geotechnical assessments of Southbank’s Testing Grounds into a 3D model.