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Eavesdrop on Experts

Hear researchers obsess, confess and profess – changing the world one experiment, one paper and one interview at a time

  1. Listen14 July 2017 – Climate Change, EcoCity Summit 2017, Ecocity, Urban Ecology, Women In Science

    Podcast: How do we become an ecocity?

    The University of Melbourne's Dr Seona Candy gives Dr Andi Hovarth a tour of what Melbourne could look like as an ecocity of the future.

  2. Listen27 June 2017 – Anatomy, Bones, Medicine, Museums, Sciences

    Legs, ligaments and longevity

    Inside the University of Melbourne's Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatonomy and Pathology, we speak to Lund University professor of anatomy Stefan Lohmander.

  3. Listen13 June 2017 – Conflict, Refugees, Statelessness, UNHCR, United Nations

    A life on the frontline of refugee crises

    Former Assistant High Commissioner of the United Nations Refugee Agency, Erika Feller, discusses her career and her new role with the University of Melbourne.

  4. Listen1 June 2017 – Britain, Environment, Environmental Design, Social Psychology, Taxes

    Unexpected outcome in bagging area

    Environmental psychologist Wouter Portinga visited the University of Melbourne to discuss how the plastic bag tax in the UK radically changed consumer habits.

  5. Listen23 May 2017 – Disability, Domestic Violence, Health, Social Justice, Women's Health

    Disabling ableism

    University of Melbourne Professor Anne Kavanagh shares how changes in her own life led her to challenge perceptions of disability in society.

  6. Listen18 May 2017 – Development, Psychology, Sanitation, Social Psychology, Wastewater

    Five things about...Poo

    Why is poo a taboo? University of Melbourne's Prof Nick Haslam and PhDc Naomi Francis from the Nossal Institute discuss all things fecal.

  7. Listen17 May 2017 – Conservation, DNA, Evolution, Great Apes, paleoanthropology

    Forty per cent banana, ninety nine per cent bonobo

    Miegunyah Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Professor Bernard Wood, discusses our close cousins, the great apes, and ponders who our ancestors really are.

  8. Listen1 May 2017 – Heart Attacks, Hormones, Preeclampsia, Pregnancy, Women In Science

    The wonders of relaxin

    Laura Parry from the University of Melbourne on how the hormone relaxin, produced in high quantities during pregnancy, could help treat cardiovascular disease.

  9. Listen21 April 2017 – Bioscience, Urban Ecology, Urbanisation, Veterinary Sciences, Women In Science

    Annie and the swans (not a band)

    A bioscience PhD candidate discusses studying urban birds and light pollution and how she tracks the movements and behaviours of swans and pigeons.