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From robotics to medical technology. From skyscrapers to startups. Stories from our pioneering Engineering and IT researchers.

  1. 19 October 2017 – Engineering, Environment, Innovation, Recycling, Tyres

    Turning old tyres into new roads

    A University of Melbourne innovation turns old tyres into permeable roads and pavements - helping both the environment and our future infrastructure.

  2. 19 October 2017 – Big Data, Data, Future, Mapping, Melbourne

    Crunching the numbers for the common good

    Big data can provide insights and information about the future; a University of Melbourne expert explains how big data can inform Australia's future.

  3. 11 October 2017 – Design, Engineering, Mathematics, Mining, Software

    Using maths to map mines deep underground

    Software, created by University of Melbourne researchers, takes its inspiration from microchips to design underground tunnel networks for the mining industry.

  4. 9 October 2017 – Augmented Reality, Employment, Virtual Reality, Work

    The new hyper-reality of work

    Augmented and virtual realities are starting to enter the work place. Here University of Melbourne experts take a look into the future of how we will be working

  5. 6 October 2017 – Artificial Intelligence, Employment, Future, Jobs, Robots

    Thriving amid the rise of the machines

    The impact of automation is being felt by the human workforce; but University of Melbourne experts say it's time to focus what jobs humans do better than robots

  6. 19 September 2017 – Aerospace Engineering, Alumni, Satellites, Space, University of Melbourne

    The students who built Australia’s first satellite

    The surprising story of a group of University of Melbourne students who in 1970 built and launched Australia's first satellite, Australis OSCAR 5, into space.

  7. 14 September 2017 – Antarctica, Climate change, Rogue Waves, Southern Ocean, Waves

    Exploring the birthplace of monster waves

    A University of Melbourne researcher joined an Antarctic expedition to explore what rogue waves can tell us about the impact of global climate change.

  8. 12 September 2017 – Artificial Intelligence, Bio-engineering, Implant, Prosthetics, Robots

    Part human, part robot: The future of medical implantables

    Research is constantly expanding what implantable medical electronic devices can do. A University of Melbourne expert looks at where we're heading.

  9. 18 August 2017 – Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Future, Robotics, Robots

    Three ways we’re ‘making friends’ with robots

    Robotic limbs, robot coaches and swarm applications are just three ways robots are changing how we live, according to University of Melbourne experts.