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  1. 28 July 2021 – Aged Care, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Philosophy, Robotics

    Are robots the answer for aged care during pandemics?

    Care robots may be a safer option in aged care during pandemics – University of Melbourne experts ask how far robot care can go and how far do we want it to go?

  2. 19 July 2021 – Circadian Rhythms, Computer Science, Emotions, Mental Health, Science Gallery Melbourne

    Your face is muted

    Science Gallery Melbourne's MENTAL: Head Inside explores the search for technologies that help us bridge the gap towards humane interactions in a hi-tech world.

  3. 13 July 2021 – Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Hospitals, Insurance, Patients

    Using AI to predict hospital costs in real time

    Hospitals can't predict how much a patient's care might cost; University of Melbourne-developed predictive algorithms can estimate costs soon after diagnosis.

  4. 25 June 2021 – Artificial Intelligence, Aviation Industry, Human-Computer Interaction, Voice Assistants, Work

    What do pilots think of having more AI in the cockpit?

    Pilots want to explore technology like cockpit digital voice assistants but pilots need to be central to any new systems, say University of Melbourne experts

  5. 10 June 2021 – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, Privacy

    Blocking AI to keep your personal data your own

    A new machine learning model from University of Melbourne researchers puts “noise” into personal images to stop AI programmes from exploiting and misusing them.

  6. 26 May 2021 – Brain, Cognitive Behaviour , Exercise, Musculoskeletal, biomechanics

    Do you think better when you’re moving?

    People who performed a task to identify visual targets did significantly better when tested while walking, finds new research led by University of Melbourne.

  7. 25 May 2021 – Big Data, Doctors, Health Data, Information, Medicine

    The dark side of electronic medical records

    Clinical decision support systems used by doctors can be exploited – University of Melbourne experts say Australia must consider regulation sooner, not later.

  8. 18 May 2021 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Games, Human-Computer Interaction

    What if Melbourne was a giant Dungeons and Dragons game?

    Biometric DnD – a digital tool developed by the University of Melbourne – takes Dungeons and Dragons character creation to the next level using AI and your face

  9. 27 April 2021 – Chemical engineering, Developing Countries, Engineering, Environment, Medical

    New mobile sensor could transform testing for remote areas

    University of Melbourne engineers have developed a sensor that could be used for low-cost medical and environmental diagnostic testing in remote areas.