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From robotics to medical technology. From skyscrapers to startups. Stories from our pioneering Engineering and IT researchers.

  1. 27 April 2021 – Chemical engineering, Developing Countries, Engineering, Environment, Medical

    New mobile sensor could transform testing for remote areas

    University of Melbourne engineers have developed a sensor that could be used for low-cost medical and environmental diagnostic testing in remote areas.

  2. 9 April 2021 – Australia, Climate, Climate Change, Climate Conversations, Joe Biden

    Watch Episode 2: Climate Conversations: Opposing views or rising tides

    University of Melbourne's Climate Conversations addresses how Australia's climate policies fit alongside the Biden Administration’s strong climate leadership.

  3. 8 April 2021 – Artificial Intelligence, Convolutional Neural Networks, Ecology, Feral Cats, Native Animals

    When one feral cat just isn’t another feral cat

    A University of Melbourne ecologist has been counting feral cats using camera traps to help better control them but Artificial Intelligence may speed the work

  4. 8 April 2021 – Agriculture, Emissions, Fossil Fuel, Transport, Waste

    Creating clean transport fuels from waste

    By extracting biofuel from agricultural and urban waste, University of Melbourne researchers aim to create a low-cost, zero emission transport fuel

  5. 31 March 2021 – Climate Change, Engineering, Floods, Infrastructure, Urban Planning

    It’s critical we update flood guidance

    There’s been progress integrating climate change in engineering design; University of Melbourne experts say flood guidance must align with our changing climate.

  6. 7 March 2021 – Discrimination, International Women's Day, Sexism, Technology, Women In Science

    The importance of teaching boys about brilliant women

    If we don't normalise brilliant women to girls and boys, it becomes a real problem for these women when boys become men, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 24 February 2021 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Quarantine, Travel

    Six safety tips for hotel quarantine

    University of Melbourne engineers have devised a list of things travellers can do as individuals, to get through hotel quarantine more safely

  8. 18 February 2021 – Australia, Data, Facebook, News, Social Media

    Australia vs Facebook: Regulating the market of attention

    University of Melbourne experts say that Facebook’s move to block Australian users and publishers from viewing news all comes back to advertising revenue.

  9. 4 February 2021 – COVID-19, COVIDSafe, Health Data, Privacy, Surveillance

    Privacy and health: The lessons of COVID-19

    Australia's COVIDSafe app had wide support but too many were wary. A University of Melbourne-led team have now delved into Australians' attitudes to privacy