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  1. 24 November 2021 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics, Discrimination, Ethics

    Challenging decisions made by algorithm

    If an algorithm makes an unfair decision about you, a lack of process makes it hard to challenge, appeal or even contest it, say University of Melbourne experts

  2. 3 November 2021 – Computing, Cybersecurity, Eureka Prize, Mathematical proof, Mathematics

    Using maths to prove computer security

    Eureka prize winner Toby Murray from the University of Melbourne once thought maths was boring, but he now relies on it to secure critical computer systems.

  3. 28 October 2021 – Digital Ethics, Education, Privacy, Surveillance, Workplace

    Surveillance: What is it good for?

    Online monitoring raises serious issues but applying ethics and rights can help make it fair and accountable, say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 27 October 2021 – Agriculture, Airborne Sensing, Horticulture, Precision Agriculture, Xylella fastidiosa

    Tackling a global crop pandemic - from the air

    The spread of Xf bacteria is a huge threat to global agriculture, but University of Melbourne research is enhancing airborne detection methods to control it.

  5. 29 September 2021 – Brownmillerite, Chlorine, Global Warming, Water, Water Treatment

    Purifying water with a simple powder

    Drinking water can be made safe by adding a bacteria-killing mineral – brownmillerite – a cheaper alternative to chlorine, says University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 16 August 2021 – Aerosol, COVID-19, Consumer products, National Science Week, Pandemic

    Which air cleaners work best to remove aerosols that contain viruses?

    Makers of air cleaners claim to remove SARS-CoV-2 containing particles from homes, offices and classrooms; a University of Melbourne expert explains what works

  7. 10 August 2021 – Environment, Fertiliser, Food Security, Sustainability, Urine

    We need to stop flushing opportunity down the toilet

    A new technology that converts human urine into fertiliser onsite could enable a sustainable expansion of urban farming says a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 5 August 2021 – Air Pollutants, Mortality , Particles, Pollution, Population Health

    The impact of air pollution on life expectancy

    A new study led by the University of Melbourne shows how particulate matter in the air is associated with premature deaths, highlighting the need for action.

  9. 28 July 2021 – Aged Care, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Philosophy, Robotics

    Are robots the answer for aged care during pandemics?

    Care robots may be a safer option in aged care during pandemics – University of Melbourne experts ask how far robot care can go and how far do we want it to go?