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  1. 22 July 2019 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Regulations, Robots

    Should we work with or turn off AI?

    A University of Melbourne expert says artificial intelligence is already impacting on how we work – and we need to define any human-computer collaboration now.

  2. 3 July 2019 – Amino Acid, Environment, Plastics, Pollution, Sustainability

    Mimicking nature’s own plastic

    Amino acid polypeptides are nature's own plastic and University of Melbourne researchers are aiming to chemically mimic nature to make fully compostable plastic

  3. 1 July 2019 – Cities, Climate Change, Extreme weather, Infrastructure, Water Management

    A land of drought and flooding rains

    University of Melbourne research finds understanding the link between increasing rainfall and dry soil conditions can help us better plan for climate change.

  4. 23 June 2019 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Human-Computer Interaction, Robots

    Will a computer take your job?

    Although many predict that computers could become smarter than us, a University of Melbourne experts says we shouldn't forget people power in the age of AI.

  5. 28 May 2019 – Bio-engineering, Brain, Epilepsy, Neuro-engineering, Parkinson's disease

    Reading the body’s electrical signals to treat illness

    Embedded devices can treat some chronic illnesses, but a University of Melbourne engineer is now seeking to 'read' our electrical signals to predict symptoms.

  6. 9 May 2019 – Cars, Environment, Fuel efficiency, Greenhouse Gases, Transport

    The opportunities and risks of decarbonising our transport

    Australia is slow in cutting vehicle emissions; a University of Melbourne expert says treating fuel and electricity as a single pool of energy is a good start.

  7. 26 April 2019 – Oceans, Satellites, Southern Ocean, Waves

    Ocean waves and winds are getting higher and stronger

    Using satellite measurements, University of Melbourne researchers show that ocean waves and the winds that generate them have increased over the last 30 years.

  8. 10 April 2019 – Climate Change, Fish, Fish Kill, Murray-Darling River Basin, Water Management

    Preventing more fish deaths in the lower Darling

    A new report for the government, led by the University of Melbourne, says climate change was a cause of the recent mass fish deaths in the lower Darling River.

  9. 25 March 2019 – Cybersecurity, Elections, Electronic Voting, Encryption , Internet Security

    What a second flaw in Switzerland’s sVote means for NSW’s iVote

    A team including a University of Melbourne expert finds a second flaw in the verification process of the SwissVote system that could exist in NSW's iVote.

  10. 21 March 2019 – Desalination, Drought, Melbourne, Water, Water Management

    Why we need to use water desalination plants early

    Turning on the Wonthaggi water desalination plant now will save money in the long run and head off an emergency later say University of Melbourne experts