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From robotics to medical technology. From skyscrapers to startups. Stories from our pioneering Engineering and IT researchers.

  1. 27 February 2018 – Climate Change, Drought, Sustainability, Water, Water Management

    Avoiding Day Zero in Australia

    University of Melbourne researchers have created a model for managing Australian cities' water supplies in order to prevent a repeat of Cape Town's water crisis

  2. 22 February 2018 – Art, Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Mathematics, Visual Arts

    When computers make art

    Artificial intelligence is making art that appears as good as that made by humans. A University of Melbourne mathematician and artist examines what is going on.

  3. 18 February 2018 – Child Development, Computer Gaming, Gaming, Minecraft, Play

    What are kids getting out of playing Minecraft?

    Parents worry about the screen time of young kids, but is digital play just another form of play? A University of Melbourne expert investigates using Minecraft.

  4. 15 February 2018 – Antibiotics, Antimicrobial resistance, Bio-engineering, Nanotechnology, Superbugs

    Enlisting nanoparticles in the fight against superbugs

    University of Melbourne bio-engineers have developed a material made from nanoparticles that can fight antibiotic-resistant superbugs like Golden Staph.

  5. 14 February 2018 – Architecture, Education, Prefabrication, School Design, Schools

    Building the prefab schools of the future

    Prefab technology is driving the evolution of classrooms in Australia; University of Melbourne experts looks at how modular design is keeping pace with demand.

  6. 13 February 2018 – Biosecurity, Epidemics, Flu, Influenza Virus, Statistics

    Forecasting flu outbreaks

    New software, developed by University of Melbourne experts, uses statistical probability to forecast our flu season, but may also help respond to bio-terrorism.

  7. 5 February 2018 – Climate Change, Fossil Fuels, Sustainability, Water, Water Management

    How to prevent cities from drying up

    The water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa is a warning to the world, but University of Melbourne experts explain how it doesn't have to be this way.

  8. 28 January 2018 – Australia, Carbon, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Power

    Think twice before going ‘off the grid’

    Microgrids provide a revolutionary approach to creating sustainable, low carbon communities, towns and cities, according to a University of Melbourne expert.

  9. 9 January 2018 – Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing, Prefabrication, Sustainability

    The future is prefabricated

    Prefabrication can be a more environmentally and socially responsible way to build, and it's going mainstream, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  10. 27 December 2017 – Bionics, Future, Robotics, Science Fiction, Stentrode

    Sounds like science fiction

    Some of the technological innovations of 2017 sound like sci-fi, and several University of Melbourne experts have played a key role in those advances.