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Have you ever wondered? We will take the mystery out of everyday life by solving conundrums that you have always pondered.

  1. 21 October 2016 – Animal Behaviour, Animals, Eyes, Psychology, Theory of Mind

    Why we show the whites of our eyes

    Of all the animals, only humans obviously show the whites of our eyes, making it easier for us to communicate and deceive with just glance.

  2. 23 September 2016 – Animal Behaviour, Animal Welfare, Cats, Pets, Whiskers

    Why a cat’s whiskers are the bee’s knees

    Whether being used to aid navigation, warn of incoming predators or mop up milk, whiskers are an important addition to a cat's senses.

  3. 26 August 2016 – Baldness, Gender, Genetics

    Are there more bald men than women?

    Why do men go bald and women don’t? The answer? Women do go bald but are better able to camouflage it. Men are prone to bald patches but women’s hair thins.

  4. 5 August 2016 – Dogs, Pet Health

    Does a wet nose mean a healthy dog?

    A dog's wet nose means it's healthy, right? It’s a well-worn adage that drives thousands of visits to the vet, so let’s unwrap the fact from the fiction.

  5. 7 July 2016 – Colour , Light, Solar Cells, Solar Panels

    How energy is hidden in colours

    There is a reason roses are red, and we can use this knowledge to create super-efficient, flexible and printable solar panels to power a renewable future

  6. 6 June 2016 – Brain, Memory, Psychology, Senses, Smell

    Why smells trigger your memories

    Smell is very powerful at evoking memories, and while we don't know why it may be because we aren't good at it so that when we do pick a smell, we don't forget.

  7. 27 May 2016 – Bioscience, Botany, Plants, Sunflowers

    How sunflowers track the sun

    An internal clock drives the daily dance of these plants, even though their movement was once put down to a mythological Greek love story.

  8. 2 May 2016 – Gender, Human Behaviour , Popular Culture , Sociology

    Why boys are blue and girls are pink

    Ever wondered why pink represents girls and boys generally identify with the colour blue? Centuries ago it was a very different story.

  9. 15 April 2016 – 2016 Federal Election , 2016 US Presidential Election, Australian Politics, Elections

    Forcing your hand: Why we are made to vote

    The real secret to how and why Australia adopted compulsory voting was simplicity. In 1924, after years of debate, simply no-one was opposed to the idea.

  10. 8 April 2016 – Body Clock, Circadian Rhythms, Daylight Saving, Sleep

    Scaring the daylights out of our body clocks

    You can blame our internal body clocks for any daylight savings lethargy you may feel, but sleep experts say there are ways to minimise the damage.