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Swimmers diving at the start of a race

Health & Medicine

Olympians shouldn’t pay a punishing mental price for gold

As we head into the Paris Olympics, the mental health of elite athletes is finally becoming less stigmatised and that can only be a good thing

Woman gymnast reaching for the bar mid-flight during a parallel bars routine

Health & Medicine

The precision of vision for Olympic gymnasts and divers

Elite athletes like Simone Biles and Greg Louganis spend years training their bodies, brains and vision to give peak Olympic performances

An anonymous woman sitting in front of bowls of chips and a glass of cola

Health & Medicine

Why women are more likely to ‘stress eat’

New research has discovered a brain pathway that drives stress-related eating, helping to explain what drives emotional overeating in women

Man with Down's Syndrome speaking to a group of people in an office

Health & Medicine

It's time to improve employment for Australians with disability

New research finds that for people with disability, working in a job that's a good match for their skills and needs can improve mental health. But the reverse is also true

A person putting a glove on over a pile of disposable gloves

Health & Medicine

Daily decisions can reduce the carbon footprint of our health sector

The Healthcare Carbon Lab aims to reduce carbon emissions in our health sector by measuring carbon-emitting procedures and products, while still delivering quality care

Access to e-cigarettes will improve Australia’s health thumbnail image

Health & Medicine

Access to e-cigarettes will improve Australia’s health

For existing smokers, swapping tobacco for e-cigarettes with nicotine may improve their health. It could also mean a net health gain for Australia, if it weren’t illegal

A close up of an ecstasy tablet shaped a skull

Health & Medicine



Pill testing is the right choice

The Victorian government’s decision to introduce drug testing demonstrates it takes its duty to prevent harm seriously

A hand turning up the volume on an amp

Health & Medicine

How Australian audiologists are helping musicians with hearing loss

Imagine you’re a professional musician. But you start to lose your hearing. New research aims to help musicians make the transition to hearing aids – and still enjoy the music

A young woman in a blanket near a heater

Health & Medicine

Your cold house is bad for your mental health

New research finds that the poorest Australians in the worst health are living in the coldest homes during Australian winter and it’s putting their mental health at risk

People coming off antidepressants are looking for help online thumbnail image

Health & Medicine

People coming off antidepressants are looking for help online

Tapering off or ‘deprescribing’ antidepressants is a complex process, but without tailored clinical guidelines, some people are turning to their peers instead of their doctors for support.

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