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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 26 September 2023 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Child Protection, Children, Indigenous, Indigenous Health

    The new approach keeping Aboriginal children out of child protection

    Trials of Indigenous self-management are helping to reduce the number Australian Aboriginal children in child protection says University of Melbourne research.

  2. 25 September 2023 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Death, Mortality , Pandemic

    The rise and fall in Australia’s life expectancy during the pandemic

    Australia’s life expectancy performed better than most other high-income countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, found study led by the University of Melbourne

  3. 19 September 2023 – Alzheimer's, Brain, Dementia, Elderly, Eyes

    Why everybody living with dementia needs regular eye tests

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed a guide to support people living with dementia to see as well as possible, for as long as possible.

  4. 14 September 2023 – Australian Politics, Closing The Gap, Indigenous, Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Parasites

    Parasites may be gross, but so is Australia’s attitude to Indigenous health

    University of Melbourne experts say the impact of preventable parasites and infectious diseases for some Indigenous and remote communities is a national shame.

  5. 9 September 2023 – Chromosomes, DNA, Epigenetics, Human Evolution, Melbourne University Press (MUP)

    How epigenetics is transforming our understanding of evolution

    A new book by Melbourne University Publishing reveals how a population’s non-genetic responses to environmental change are central to the process of evolution.

  6. 7 September 2023 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Child Health, Indigenous Health, Maternal Health, Women's Health

    Replanting the birthing trees

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are working with researchers to create safe and sacred family spaces, says a University of Melbourne expert

  7. 30 August 2023 – Brain, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, Wellbeing

    Knowing when to seek help for mental health

    When challenges arise we may feel confused, but there are five signs to help understand when to seek mental health support, say University of Melbourne experts.

  8. 28 August 2023 – Fukushima, Japan, Nuclear Power, Pollution, Wastewater

    Opening the flood gates at Fukushima

    Discharging radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is avoidable, risky and potentially illegal, say University of Melbourne experts

  9. 25 August 2023 – Anger, Emotions, Mental Health, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma

    How anger became the forgotten emotion

    Characters like Succession’s Logan Roy can teach us a lot about anger and trauma and why we need to understand the link say University of Melbourne experts.