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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 23 February 2021 – Coercive Control, Domestic Violence, Impulse Control, Sexual Assault, Women

    Listening to the voices of survivors of violence and abuse

    Hearing womens' voices is central to ending sexual and domestic abuse including when assessing efforts to treat perpetrators says University of Melbourne expert

  2. 16 February 2021 – Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Genes, Heart Attacks, Heart Disease

    What it takes to make a heartbeat

    By studying the zebrafish, a University of Melbourne-led study shows a gene involved in cardiac rhythm may explain how a heartbeat develops and is controlled.

  3. 10 February 2021 – Antibiotic resistance, COVID-19, Florey, Sepsis, Vitamin C

    Can thousands of oranges worth of vitamin C cure sepsis?

    Megadoses of vitamin C may be a potential cure for sepsis – when the immune system damages tissues and organs. University of Melbourne researchers explain why.

  4. 4 February 2021 – COVID-19, COVIDSafe, Health Data, Privacy, Surveillance

    Privacy and health: The lessons of COVID-19

    Australia's COVIDSafe app had wide support but too many were wary. A University of Melbourne-led team have now delved into Australians' attitudes to privacy

  5. 2 February 2021 – Cancer, DNA, Epigenetics, Liquid Biopsy, Public Health

    Testing, testing, testing: Can blood tests help detect cancers early?

    The COVID-19 pandemic showed our capacity to test at large scale, can we use these strategies for early detection of cancer ask University of Melbourne experts?

  6. 21 January 2021 – Centre for Eye Research Australia, Myopia, Ophthalmology, Screen Time, Short-Sightedness

    Looking to the distance for healthy vision

    Half of the world could be short-sighted by 2050, highlighting the importance of getting outdoors to exercise our vision, say University of Melbourne experts

  7. 18 January 2021 – Brain, Memory, Neurons, Neuroscience, Zona Incerta

    Fear, memory and brain exploration

    A mostly uncharted region of the brain, the zona incerta, may play a role in memory and hold the key to how we control fear, say University of Melbourne experts

  8. 13 January 2021 – Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Social Work, Trauma, Women

    Women who use force

    While family violence is predominantly perpetrated by men, it’s important to understand the reason why some women use force, say University of Melbourne experts

  9. 12 January 2021 – Alcohol, Depression, Drug abuse, Mental Health, Psychedelic Medicine

    Psychedelic medicine: A mental health game changer?

    Psychedelic compounds are showing promise as potential treatments for mental illness say experts from University of Melbourne and Western Sydney University