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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 23 March 2023 – Doherty Institute, Infectious diseases, Lungs, Public Health, Tuberculosis

    Ending the global tuberculosis epidemic

    Tuberculosis or TB occurs around the world and is a major public health challenge that we can end through concerted action, says University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 21 March 2023 – Climate Change, Extreme weather, Mental Health, Mood, Wellbeing

    The climate change threat to our mental health

    It’s time to address the mental health impacts of climate change – as more people face more extreme weather events, say University of Melbourne experts.

  3. 20 March 2023 – Australia, Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, Birds, Mammals

    Bird flu, human cases and the risk to Australia

    Avian flu is continuing to spread throughout the world, infecting some mammals as it goes; University of Melbourne experts explore the virus' risk to Australia.

  4. 17 March 2023 – Anatomy, Animals, Blood, Evolution, Surgery

    Why giraffes have spots

    A new study led by the University of Melbourne provides the first anatomical proof of why giraffes have spots – and how they relate to plastic surgery.

  5. 16 March 2023 – Ageing, Brain, Dementia, Strokes

    Brain white matter declines for years after a stroke

    University of Melbourne research has found the loss of brain white matter and associated cognitive decline is faster for at least three years after a stroke

  6. 15 March 2023 – Australia, COVID-19, Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

    The unexpected drop in intimate partner violence

    It should be exciting that cases of violence against women dropped during COVID, but we need to understand the big picture says University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 7 March 2023 – Cancer, Equality, Global Health, International Women's Day 2023, Public Health

    We can eliminate cervical cancer

    On International Women's Day, University of Melbourne experts say more equitable access to screening is needed for Australia to eliminate cervical cancer

  8. 7 March 2023 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Health, Indigenous Health, International Women's Day, International Women's Day 2023

    Sisters are doing it for themselves

    On International Women's Day, University of Melbourne experts say education is central to leadership in social change for Indigenous women’s life outcomes.

  9. 1 March 2023 – Alzheimer's, Brain, Dementia, Exercise, Mental Health

    Reducing the risk of mental illness and dementia as we age

    Physical activity benefits the body, but it can also help cognition and reduce the risk of dementia in older Australians says a University of Melbourne expert.