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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 22 January 2022 – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Diagnostic Testing, Medical Screening, Overdiagnosis

    How data can help prevent overdiagnosis

    Tech advances in medical screening may lead to more overdiagnosis but a new focus on patient data could reduce the risks say University of Melbourne researchers

  2. 13 January 2022 – Blood, Osteoarthritis, Platelet Rich Plasma, Platelets, Regenerative Medicine

    Cutting through the hype on platelet-rich plasma

    A University of Melbourne clinical trial casts fresh doubt on Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for reducing knee arthritis pain and repairing damaged cartilage

  3. 4 January 2022 – 2021, COVID-19, Mental Health, Psychology, Resilience

    What we know about our resilience after 2021

    The strengths we have built during a tough 2021 will help us cope individually and collectively in an uncertain 2022, explain University of Melbourne experts

  4. 19 December 2021 – Blood, Brain, Diabetes, Immunity, Strokes

    Q&A: How immune cells could help diabetes and stroke

    Immune cells could be key to treating conditions of the eye and brain like diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and stroke finds University of Melbourne- led research.

  5. 6 December 2021 – Bioinformatics, Exercise, Mass-Spectrometry, Mitochondria, Personalised Medicine

    Exercise really is medicine

    Research shows how our mitochondria – the cellular powerhouses – respond to exercise, opening ways for personalised fitness, say University of Melbourne experts

  6. 2 December 2021 – Diet, Exercise, Osteoarthritis, Physiotherapy, Telehealth

    Treating knee arthritis with online exercise and diet

    A telehealth diet and exercise program helps people cope with knee osteoarthritis, possibly reducing need for surgery, University of Melbourne research finds.

  7. 30 November 2021 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Doherty Institute, Genomics, Virology

    Q&A: What we do (and don’t) know about Omicron

    COVID-19 variant Omicron has caused “hype” globally but there's still much to learn about the mutation say University of Melbourne and Doherty Institute experts

  8. 29 November 2021 – Anxiety, Children, Empathy, Mental Health, Stress

    When kids get stressed out by the stress of others

    Empathy is vital for our social functioning. But new University of Melbourne research finds that children who are particularly empathic are also more anxious.

  9. 25 November 2021 – COVID-19, Detention, Healthcare, Incarceration, Prison

    Prisons are communities too

    COVID-19 has exposed the urgent need to reform incarceration systems globally to end overcrowding and improve health care, say University of Melbourne experts