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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 13 February 2020 – Bacteria, Dentistry, Diet, Health, Microbiome

    Are you taking care of the microbes in your mouth?

    Our mouth microbes are important for our oral and overall health, but modern diets are causing problems finds a study including the University of Melbourne.

  2. 6 February 2020 – Cancer, DNA, Genetics, Human Genome, Personalised Medicine

    The Global Cancer Atlas

    Globally, scientists have collaborated to create the most comprehensive map of whole cancer genomes; University of Melbourne researchers were part of the effort

  3. Podcast22 January 2020 – Cancer, Development, Genetics, Oncology, Women In Science

    Decoding cancer cell communication

    Professor Elizabeth Vincan at the University of Melbourne identified the genes in an ancient form of cell-to-cell communication, and a new target against cancer

  4. 20 January 2020 – Human rights, Menstruation, Women's Health

    Why some women are dying for getting their period

    Menstrual beliefs and taboos can place serious restrictions on a woman’s life, impacting her health and freedoms writes a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. Podcast8 January 2020 – Human Genome, Immunology, Lupus, Microbiome

    Being bold in medical research

    Professor Fabienne Mackay’s work led to the first new treatment for lupus in over 50 years but there is much more to do and she says researchers need to be bold

  6. 8 January 2020 – Bushfires, Disasters, Mental Health, Trauma

    Simple ways to support people dealing with traumatic events

    As thousands process the emotional impact of being affected by the Australian bushfires, a University of Melbourne expert gives some tips on providing support

  7. 18 December 2019 – Disease, Drugs, Malaria, Mosquitoes , Parasites

    Preventing the spread of malaria

    Scientists, including from the University of Melbourne, have found a new drug to block the world’s deadliest malaria parasite from reaching ‘transmission stage'

  8. 15 December 2019 – Artificial Intelligence, Internet, Mental Health, Privacy, Psychology

    Would you trust AI with your mental health?

    A University of Melbourne expert says Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a role in mental health care, but we have to balance ethical and privacy concerns.

  9. 12 December 2019 – Disease, Genetic Disease, Genetics, Immunology and Infection, Inflammation

    The genetic mutation behind a new autoinflammatory disease

    University of Melbourne scientists are part of a team to discover a new human autoinflammatory disease that causes debilitating fever and inflammation.