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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 27 June 2018 – Immunology, Innate Immune System, T Cells

    Tapping into the power of unusual white blood cells

    A University of Melbourne and Peter Doherty Institute researcher is probing unusual T cells in the immune system to find new ways of combating diseases

  2. 14 June 2018 – Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Disease, Enzymes, Heart Attacks

    World-first test could predict your risk of a heart attack

    World-first research, involving the University of Melbourne, has developed a blood test to predict the risk of heart attack those with severe heart disease.

  3. 13 June 2018 – Computers, Drug Resistance, Infectious diseases, Lungs, Tuberculosis

    From decades to days: 3D modelling tuberculosis

    3D modelling of TB mutations means doctors could soon tailor individual treatments for the disease in days, not years, say University of Melbourne researchers.

  4. 12 June 2018 – Endometriosis, Fertility, Menstruation, Women In Science, Women's Health

    Busting the myth that endometriosis is a ‘skinny woman’s’ disease

    University of Melbourne scientists have learned women with endometriosis usually have healthy BMIs, but those with high BMIs tend to have a severe form.

  5. 12 June 2018 – Cancer, DNA, Genes, Proteins, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

    Our cancer preventing genes revealed

    In a world first, University of Melbourne scientists have found how the most important cancer-preventing gene, called p53, stops the development of lymphoma.

  6. 30 May 2018 – Anaesthesia, Developing Countries, Healthcare, Mongolia, Surgery

    Making surgery safe in Mongolia

    As recently as the 1980s there was limited training for Mongolian anaesthetists, but the University of Melbourne is part of a program improving healthcare.

  7. 29 May 2018 – Ageing, Alzheimer's, Degenerative Brain Disease, Exercise, Health

    How much exercise keeps our brains healthy as we age?

    New guidelines from the University of Melbourne and partners outline how much exercise older Australians should aim for each week to maintain brain health.

  8. 27 May 2018 – Disability, Discrimination, NDIS, Public Policy, Research

    Making disability support work across real lives

    The new Melbourne Disability Institute at the University of Melbourne, headed by Anne Kavanagh and Bruce Bonyhady, will help improve disability support.

  9. 24 May 2018 – Decision-making, Food, Health Warnings, Nutrition, Obesity

    Would graphic warnings on unhealthy food make you think again?

    University of Melbourne and Cancer Council Victoria study shows that health warning labels on packaged foods work, encouraging people to make healthier choices

  10. 23 May 2018 – Big Data, Closing The Gap, Indigenous Health, Population Health

    Joining the big data dots on Indigenous health policy

    Gathering and analysing large-scale health data central to driving policies to tackle Australia's Indigenous health deficit, say University of Melbourne experts