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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 6 September 2018 – Alternative therapies, Mental Health, Phoenix Australia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma

    Can alternative therapies help PTSD?

    Do alternative therapies for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder actually help? Maybe, but we urgently need actual evidence argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 5 September 2018 – Child Health, Human rights, Mental Health, Refugees

    Young and resilient

    The first study of how young refugees in Australia are faring, undertaken by University of Melbourne researchers, shows they are adapting well to resettlement

  3. 4 September 2018 – Antibiotics, Antimicrobial resistance, Hospitals, Peter Doherty Institute, Superbugs

    The rise of the latest drug resistant superbug

    Researchers at the Doherty Institute and the University of Melbourne have discovered a new superbug, already resistant to known antibiotics in parts of Europe.

  4. 28 August 2018 – Ageing, Cancer, Death, Doctors, Palliative Care

    The language of living and dying

    Researchers from the Centre for Cancer Research at the University of Melbourne have found we need to talk about palliative care differently to reap its benefits

  5. 26 August 2018 – Brain, Degenerative Brain Disease, Disease, Neurology, Neuroscience

    MS and new ways of regenerating our brain’s insulation

    New University of Melbourne research that stimulates myelin production, a step that could help people living with degenerative neurological diseases like MS.

  6. 24 August 2018 – Feminism, Film and Television , Gay Rights, Popular Culture , Psychology

    Nanette, self-deprecation and when not to use it

    Hannah Gadsby's Nanette highlights why Australians' tendency to self-deprecate needs to be handled with caution, says a University of Melbourne psychologist.

  7. 21 August 2018 – Community Engagement, Developing Countries, Development, Foreign Aid, Research

    Giving communities a voice

    An ethical 'toolkit' developed by a University of Melbourne expert provides a guide for health researchers to ensure communities have a real voice in research.

  8. 17 August 2018 – Doctors, Mental Health, Psychology, Resilience, Workplace Culture

    Why mindset matters for junior doctors

    Teaching junior doctors how to have a 'growth mindset' can help them cope better with the pressures of the job, says a University of Melbourne researcher.

  9. 16 August 2018 – Climate Change, Extreme weather, Mental Health, Psychology

    Mental health in a changing climate

    University of Melbourne research confirms a link between climate change and mental health, and calls for more mental health support in a changing climate.

  10. 14 August 2018 – Athletes, Brain, Eyes, Psychology, Sports

    Every day, we’re actually seeing into the future

    University of Melbourne researchers are helping to explain how the human brain can accurately predict where a fast-moving object will end up.