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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 23 January 2019 – Information, Psychology, Relationships, Secret, Stress

    The mental cost of keeping a secret

    On average, we keep around 17 secrets we've been told; but according to new University of Melbourne research, they often comes with strings attached.

  2. Podcast9 January 2019 – Bacteria, Disease, Immunology and Infection, Infectious diseases, Microbiology

    Defining a pathogen

    This episode of the University of Melbourne's Eavesdrop on Experts podcast brings together two world-leaders in microbiology and immunology.

  3. 23 January 2019 – Child Health, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal, Type 1 Diabetes, Vaccination

    The vaccine that may help prevent type 1 diabetes

    New University of Melbourne research finds that the rotavirus vaccine saving young lives around the world may also help prevent type 1 diabetes.

  4. 21 January 2019 – Babies, Children, Mothers, Parents, Pregnancy

    Busting five myths about pregnancy

    From what you should eat to how much your baby should move, two University of Melbourne experts bust some pregnancy myths for expecting parents.

  5. 18 January 2019 – Conflict, Disease, Health, Military, Security

    Why health needs to engage the guys with guns

    A University of Melbourne expert has called on the health sector to step up engagement with armed forces to stem disease outbreaks and other health challenges.

  6. 15 January 2019 – Brain, Déjà vu, Epilepsy, Memory, Psychology

    What is déjà vu? What is déjà vu?

    Many of us have seen or done something that's felt eerily familiar; two University of Melbourne experts explain what the brain's doing when we get déjà vu.

  7. 8 January 2019 – Anaemia, Developing Countries, Health, Iron Supplements, Microbiome

    Ending anaemia in the developing world

    Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and University of Melbourne are leading trials to test the the efficacy of iron supplements to beat anaemia in developing world.

  8. 4 January 2019 – Immunotherapy, Melanoma , Mole Mapping, Skin Cancer

    Gearing up against skin cancer

    From mole-mapping and imaging, to new drug treatments, the way we diagnose and treat skin cancers is being revolutionised says a University of Melbourne expert.

  9. 20 December 2018 – Alzheimer's, Dementia, Exercise, Health, Memory

    Why the number of dementia cases has doubled

    Dementia cases have doubled over the past 25 years, creating a huge health burden; a University of Melbourne expert says we all need to act on new health advice

  10. 19 December 2018 – Disability, Men's Health, Mental Health, Suicide, Wellbeing

    Disability, thoughts of suicide and Australian men

    Men in Australia are much more at risk of suicide; new research from the University of Melbourne looks what this means for Australian men with a disability.