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  1. 14 January 2022 – COVID-19, Cemeteries, Death, Funerals, Palliative Care

    We need to rethink how we manage death-care

    As baby boomers age more Australians will pass away each year, adding to growing pressures on or our death-care services, warn University of Melbourne experts

  2. 22 December 2021 – Democracy, International Relations, Joe Biden, Politics, Summit For Democracy

    Biden’s bid to strengthen global democracy

    Can Biden's Summit for Democracy re-energise an alliance of democracies or is it setting up a cold war? A University of Melbourne expert assesses the meeting.

  3. 17 December 2021 – Caste System, History, India, Mahatma Gandhi, Racism

    Understanding modern attacks on Gandhi

    Statues of Mahatma Gandhi have been vandalised or removed around the world ; University of Melbourne experts explore why his likeness faces attacks today.

  4. 1 December 2021 – COVID-19, Cultural Studies, History, Sensory History, Social History

    Our sensory experience of the pandemic

    COVID-19 transformed people's sensory environment and researchers at University of Melbourne and Anglia Ruskin University are tracking people's experiences

  5. 24 November 2021 – Asylum Seekers, Australian History, Australian Politics, Human rights, Refugees

    Against erasure

    Using witness accounts and smuggled information, University of Melbourne experts have digitally recreated the Manus Island Detention Centre to preserve history.

  6. 21 November 2021 – Australian Literature, Books, Inclusiveness, Publishing, Workplace Diversity

    Measuring diversity in Australian publishing

    Diversity within the Australian publishing industry is good for the books and authors we read, so University of Melbourne researchers are going to measure it.

  7. 12 November 2021 – Australia India Institute, COP26, Climate Change, India, Pacific

    Building island climate resilience

    India-led infrastructure support for Pacific island states vulnerable to climate change is a concrete outcome from COP26 says University of Melbourne expert

  8. 6 October 2021 – Archives, Australian History, History of Childhood, Malcolm Fraser, University of Melbourne Archives

    Don’t forget the sweets!

    Child letters are rare in the historical record but like those of a young Malcolm Fraser they are a unique window on history says University of Melbourne expert

  9. 5 October 2021 – Australia-China Relations, China, Education, Language, Schools

    Understanding China through education

    Australia’s changing and challenging relationship with China needs far more – not less – China literacy in our schools, says University of Melbourne expert