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  1. 23 September 2018 – Archives, Australian History, Children, Social Justice, Stolen Generations

    Helping care leavers find and connect to their past

    Find & Connect, run by the University of Melbourne, is a living online history project that allows people who lived in care to tell their side of the story.

  2. 19 August 2018 – 1968 Protests, Australian Left, Australian Politics, Civil Rights, Radicalism

    How Soviet tanks shook up the Australian Left

    The 1968 Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia was a critical time for the Australian Left. A University of Melbourne archive provides a new window on the upheaval.

  3. 9 August 2018 – Art, Art History, Contemporary, Exhibitions, National Gallery of Victoria

    Why you should go to MOMA at NGV

    A University of Melbourne art historian lists ten of the best works in the MoMA at NGV exhibition, on display until October 2018.

  4. 31 July 2018 – 2018 Pakistan Election, Imran Khan, Indo-Pakistan Relations, Pakistan, Politics

    Can Prime Minister Khan really deliver a ‘new’ Pakistan?

    Imran Khan's new role as Pakistani PM presents numerous challenges, including dealing with vote rigging accusations, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 13 July 2018 – Battle of Kursk, Battle of Prokhorovka, Europe, Russia, World War 2

    The Battle of Kursk: 75 years on

    It is 75 years since the huge Kursk tank battle when, as a University of Melbourne expert writes, Russia's larger means of destruction turned back the Wehrmacht

  6. 29 June 2018 – Media, Race, Racism, Sociology, Sports

    Race, sport and media: Questioning the status quo

    University of Melbourne sociologist Professor Karen Farquharson researches race, ethnicity and racism in media and sport - and its impact in modern Australia.

  7. 25 June 2018 – Art, History, Medieval, South East Asia, Trade

    How did a cockatoo reach 13th century Sicily?

    University of Melbourne research has discovered a cockatoo in a 13th century manuscript, revealing the flourishing medieval trade network to Australia's north.

  8. 22 June 2018 – LGBTI, Protest Movements, Radicalism, Social Change, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

    40 years: The protests that began Mardi Gras

    Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was born of a police attack on protestors. A University of Melbourne expert recalls the night and the importance of radicals

  9. 12 June 2018 – Australian Frontier Wars, Australian History, Australian Indigenous History, Overland Letter

    Criss-cross history hidden in a letter

    An 1839 letter is a tale of adventure packed into 4 pages using overlapping criss-cross handwriting, but it is a deeper record of Australian frontier conflict