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  1. 15 August 2022 – Human Geography, Social Geography, Student Welfare, Youth, anthropology

    Young people are mapping viable futures

    In the face of adversity young people globally are taking an interconnected and ethical approach to living viable lives, say University of Melbourne researchers

  2. 8 August 2022 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Cultural Data, Data, Indigenous, Indigenous History

    Indigenous data governance for the 21st century

    A new University of Melbourne project aims to create an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Data Commons to empower communities with data.

  3. 8 August 2022 – Books, Defamation Laws, Journalism, Non-Fiction Publishing, Publishing

    I guess she won’t be writing the memoir

    Defamation laws are having a chilling effect on non-fiction books, making it hard to get behind the scenes of big stories, says University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 5 August 2022 – Cherokee, Endangered Languages, Indigenous, Languages, PARADISEC

    How data expertise is fostering endangered languages

    The PARADISEC digital archive model revitalising endangered languages in the Pacific has been taken up in North America, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 15 July 2022 – Crime, Domestic Violence, Gender, Japan, Violence

    Japan’s hidden landscape of violent crime

    The shooting of Shinzo Abe shocked the world, but Japan has a hidden number of violent crimes – particularly against women, says University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 14 July 2022 – Asia, Australian Politics, Diplomacy, International Relations, South East Asia

    Australia’s shared future with Southeast Asia

    A University of Melbourne expert says Australia’s new government has made Southeast Asia a priority with a focus on the idea of a shared future.

  7. 27 June 2022 – Abortion, Politics, Supreme Court, United States, Women's Rights

    The undoing of Roe v. Wade

    A University of Melbourne expert says the US Supreme court decision on Roe v. Wade may embolden conservative activists to overturn other liberal decisions.

  8. 27 June 2022 – Infrastructure, Melbourne, Politics, Transport, Victoria

    The making and unmaking of the East-West Link

    A new book by a University of Melbourne expert explores how Melbourne’s multi-billion dollar East-West Link was stymied from the start.

  9. 27 May 2022 – 2022 Australian Election, Australian Politics, Democracy, Elections, Voting

    Broken parachutes

    The 2022 election shows that the days of ‘parachuted in’ star power are over – voters want candidates with grassroots, says University of Melbourne expert