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  1. 31 March 2021 – Community, Politics, Social Media, Sustainability, Waste

    One (wo)man’s trash...

    A community-led group, enabled by social media, are rescuing hard waste and building a more connected society, writes a University of Melbourne anthropologist.

  2. 25 March 2021 – Books, Drama, History, Shakespeare, Theatre

    Shakespeare and lost plays

    A new book by a University of Melbourne researcher explores the hundreds of lost plays known to Shakespeare’s original audiences and their value to modern drama

  3. 23 March 2021 – Crime, History, Pirates, Slavery, Spain

    The truth behind a pirate legend

    Benito de Soto was a ruthless pirate, but University of Melbourne research finds that his story has been re-written to create his modern rebel reputation.

  4. 19 March 2021 – Consent, Domestic Violence, Sex Education, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence

    Consent apps are a bad idea – here’s why

    Sexual consent apps only risk protecting perpetrators and reduce sex to a transaction. What is needed is social change, say University of Melbourne experts.

  5. 18 March 2021 – Education, Indonesia, International affairs, Language, Schools

    Creativity and Crisis: Teaching Indonesian in Australian schools

    Without Indonesian language and cultural capability, Australia's relationship with one of Asia’s key players will struggle says a University of Melbourne expert

  6. Podcast7 March 2021 – Animals, International Women's Day, Literature, Pandemic, Writing

    If our animals could speak

    Dr Laura Jean McKay, winner of the 2021 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for literature and University of Melbourne graduate discusses writing her first novel

  7. 7 March 2021 – Democracy, Donald Trump, International Women's Day, Politics, United States

    Is this the end of the “American Century”?

    Is America's time as a superpower coming to end? A University of Melbourne expert says US exceptionalism reigns, but the Capitol Hill riots revealed a truth.

  8. 4 March 2021 – Asia, Australia, China, Immigration, Racism

    Australia needs to embrace ‘Asianness’ as part of ‘Australianness’

    Many Asian Australians experienced racism during COVID-19, but University of Melbourne experts say that Australia needs to update its modern national identity.

  9. 26 February 2021 – Asylum Seekers, Australian Politics, Immigration, Offshore Detention, Whistleblowers

    Speaking truth from below

    A new exhibition that includes University of Melbourne research highlights the stories of whistleblowers who have spoken out and suffered for doing so.