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  1. Podcast17 August 2017 – Donald Trump, Fake News, Journalism, Politics, Republican Party

    Whose fake news?

    We chat to Washington Post op-ed columnist Dana Milbank about fake news, Russian Hackers and the ethics of Wikileaks.

  2. 15 August 2017 – Art, Exhibitions, Museums, United Arab Emirates, Visual Arts

    The Louvre Abu Dhabi: Why the critics are wrong

    Set to open in late 2017 the Louvre Abu Dhabi may break down barriers between Eastern and Western art, argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  3. Podcast11 August 2017 – Democracy, Elections, Government, Media, Politics

    Phantom democracies

    Political thinker John Keane on the rise of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, social media and economic growth to win over the public.

  4. 10 August 2017 – Australia, Diversity, Immigration, Migrants, Multiculturalism

    Mapping Australia’s multicultural future

    University of Melbourne research finds that young migrants in Australia are challenging stereotypes, wanting better recognition of their contribution to society

  5. 4 August 2017 – Art, Australian History, La Mama Theatre, Theatre, University of Melbourne Archives

    Censorship and celebration at La Mama

    La Mama Theatre celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017. The University of Melbourne Archives' collection includes a detailed history of the avant-garde theatre

  6. 1 August 2017 – Gay Rights, HILDA, HILDA 2017, LGBTQ, Same Sex Marriage

    Why more Australians are supporting gay rights

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA Survey 2017 reveals Australians are becoming more progressive and, in particular, more supportive of gay rights.

  7. 26 July 2017 – Japan, Marine, Military, Protest, United States

    Protest and democracy in Asia

    Western-style protests in Asia like those on the Japanese island Okinawa are an example of growing civil society dynamism, says a University of Melbourne expert

  8. 16 July 2017 – Algorithms, Death, Immortality, Information technology, Social Media

    Want to live forever? Here’s how

    Soon we will be able to 'talk' to the dead; technologies will use Internet histories to create realistic online presences, write University of Melbourne experts

  9. 26 June 2017 – Conservation, Cultural, Earthquake, Philippines, South East Asia

    Rebuilding cultural heritage after disaster

    A University of Melbourne team helped restore precious churches after the 2013 Philippine earthquake, adapting established Western conservation practices.

  10. 19 June 2017 – History, Immigration, Refugees, United Nations, World War 2

    Learning from the past: Working with WWII refugees

    The University of Melbourne looks at the experience of one Australian woman working with refugees in Germany after WWII, and how it informs us now.