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  1. 14 May 2020 – COVID-19, Community, Coronavirus, Languages, online learning

    Learning a language at home: You are not alone

    Our cravings for real-life travel might be met by virtual voyages within language communities during COVID-19 confinement, says a University of Melbourne expert

  2. 8 May 2020 – Ancient History, Ancient Rome, Archimedes, COVID-19, Second Punic War

    How plague helped make Rome a superpower

    Epidemics like COVID-19 shape history, as happened in 212 BC when a plague set Rome on the path to becoming a superpower, says a University of Melbourne expert

  3. 21 April 2020 – A Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of COVID-19, Archives, COVID-19, Coronavirus, History

    Journal of the plague year

    Universities, including University of Melbourne, are collaborating to crowd-source and archive accounts of the COVID-19 pandemic for use by future historians.

  4. 12 April 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Elderly, Parents, Relationships

    Isolation, my Dad and me

    A University of Melbourne researcher talks about how COVID-19 is changing his relationship with his elderly father in the UK, discussing the issue of loneliness

  5. 16 March 2020 – Civil Society, Democracy, Indonesia, Populism

    Uncivil society

    Civil society is seen as supporting democracy, but now it is also fostering the forces that are undermining it, says a University of Melbourne expert

  6. 15 March 2020 – Aboriginal, Australian History, Colonial, Kangaroos, Literature

    Kangaroo hunting in colonial Australia

    A new book by University of Melbourne experts explores the kangaroo as a quarry, a resource and a conflict between settlers and Australia’s Aboriginal people.

  7. 10 March 2020 – Cold War, Communism, Foreign Policy, Soviet Union, United States

    The long shadow of the Cold War

    A new book by a University of Melbourne expert explores how the shadow cast by the Cold War continues to shape the foreign policy of successive US presidents.

  8. 7 March 2020 – Activism, Climate Change, International Women's Day, Mothers, Women

    Motherhood in a climate crisis

    On International Women's Day, a University of Melbourne experts says as our planet and society changes, mothers are on the frontline of the ecological battle.

  9. 5 March 2020 – Cinema, Film, Hollywood, Literature, Movie Remakes

    Has Hollywood run out of original ideas?

    With a slew of movie remakes due out of Hollywood this year, a new book by a University of Melbourne expert answers the big question: what justifies a remake?

  10. 2 March 2020 – Ancient History, Ancient Rome, Archaeology, Horace, Pontine Marshes

    Out of ancient marshes

    Archaeologists co-led by University of Melbourne uncover massive ancient reclamation work in the Pontine Marshes that was a harbinger of Rome's determination