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  1. 14 May 2018 – Australia, Authors, Books, Writers on Writers, Writing

    Christos Tsiolkas on Patrick White

    Author and University of Melbourne alumnus Christos Tsiolkas discusses his love affair with Patrick White's books; part of the Writers on Writers series.

  2. 3 May 2018 – Australia, Australian Film, Australian Indigenous History, Books, Film and Television

    Why the lost daughters of Picnic at Hanging Rock still haunt us

    As the new adaption of Picnic at Hanging Rock debuts on TV, a University of Melbourne expert looks at the rise of feminism and female leads on our small screens

  3. 25 April 2018 – Donald Trump, North Korea, Nuclear, Nuclear Proliferation, South Korea

    The Inter-Korean Summit: Why now?

    North Korea has achieved its goal of becoming a nuclear state, strengthening its position in talks with the South, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 23 April 2018 – ANZACS, Anzac Day, Australian History, Australian Politics, World War I

    Beyond Anzac: What really shaped our nation?

    While many claim Gallipoli formed Australia's nationhood, the University of Melbourne's Marilyn Lake argues we should look to our political history instead.

  5. 29 March 2018 – Commercial Travellers, Photography, Road Trip, Tourism, University of Melbourne Archives

    Birth of the holiday road trip

    The Commercial Travellers' Collection of photographs at the University of Melbourne Archives takes us back to the birth of the holiday road trip

  6. 26 March 2018 – Film, Movie Review, Politics, Russia, Vladimir Putin

    No laughing matter: The Death of Stalin and Putin’s anxieties

    The movie The Death of Stalin has been banned in Russia, revealing much about anxieties in the Kremlin, argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 2 March 2018 – Ethics, Media, Morality, Philosophy, Politics

    Is there such a thing as a ‘private life’ if you’re in public office?

    The recent cases of Barnaby Joyce and Brett Guerin show something about the concept of 'office' today is deeply amiss, argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 25 February 2018 – Culture, Social Anxiety, Sociology

    Understanding the ‘social’ in social anxiety

    University of Melbourne PhD student researching how people with social anxiety feel, says we need to look beyond medicalising it to look also at social drivers.

  9. 18 February 2018 – Inequality, Money, Philosophy, Social Justice, Taxes

    Is it time to tax ‘old money’?

    University of Melbourne philosopher Daniel Halliday argues it is time to tax old money to arrest the widening social inequality in Australia.

  10. 12 February 2018 – Australian History, Conservation, Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, Museums, World War I

    Bringing a fire damaged book back from the brink

    Conservators at the University of Melbourne have developed a new technique for preserving parchment, after rescuing a WW1 memorial book damaged by fire.