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  1. 6 March 2017 – France , Gallery, History, Louis XIV

    Power and Pomp at Versailles

    Treasures from the Palace of Versailles have come to Australian shores, leaving France for the first time and providing a glimpse of the court's splendour.

  2. Podcast24 February 2017 – Human rights, Migration, Public Policy, Refugees

    The power of a warm welcome

    Refugee researcher Uma Kothari on how media representations of asylum seekers influence how we attend and respond to the plight of people fleeing for safety.

  3. 24 February 2017 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Australian History, Australian Indigenous History, Philosophy of Science, Tasmanian History

    How a quest for the past found a living present

    In this extract from Rebe Taylor’s powerful history of Aboriginal Tasmania, eccentric Englishman Ernest Westlake arrives in 1908 Melbourne hunting man's origins

  4. 17 February 2017 – Germaine Greer, Granada TV, Kenny Everett, University of Melbourne Archives

    Why Germaine Greer was filmed naked in a bathtub of milk

    Germaine Greer and Kenny Everett starred in one of TV's first reality TV shows, Nice Times, filmed in 1969 for Granada TV, a British TV company.

  5. 14 February 2017 – Ancient History, Archaeology, Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality brings the past to life

    Ever wanted to wander round a Roman city as it was 2000 years ago? Now you can, thanks to technology that allows us to explore historic sites in 3D.

  6. Podcast10 February 2017 – Education, Positive Psychology, Psychology, Wellbeing, Workplace Change

    Taking positive psychology to a group level

    Research psychologist Lindsay Oades explains how positive psychology is moving to a systems level to promote more skillful interaction within organisations.

  7. 6 February 2017 – Big Data, Critical Thinking, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), Reasoning, SWARM

    Making big sense of big data: The quest to improve human reasoning

    US intelligence is investing millions of dollars in a global research effort to boost analytical thinking by unlocking the reason in crowds

  8. 3 February 2017 – Books, Literature, Reading

    10 great books you should read in 2017

    Looking for something new to read? Let the University of Melbourne's experts guide you through some classics you might not have discovered yet.

  9. 27 January 2017 – Equality, Gender, Masculinity, Testosterone

    Unpicking the myth of Testosterone Rex

    Testosterone is what makes men different to women, right? Not so, says Cordelia Fine in her latest book, which uses science to break down gender myths.

  10. 23 January 2017 – Flinders St, Homeless, Hostile Architecture, Summary Offences Act

    Homeless: Why making it a crime won’t fix the problem

    Homeless people are already at the mercy of the law, so a ban on sleeping rough in city centres will do nothing to help the situation.