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    Associate Professor in Psychology, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne

  1. 23 October 2023 - Health & Medicine

    Reconciling the unreconcilable

    University of Melbourne experts ask how we process emotions about Australia's 'no' result to enshrine a Voice to Parliament - as individuals and as a society?

  2. 5 April 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    More resilient than we thought during lockdown

    New University of Melbourne research finds that many people coped relatively well emotionally during Melbourne’s long COVID-19 lockdowns.

  3. 4 January 2022 - Health & Medicine

    What we know about our resilience after 2021

    The strengths we have built during a tough 2021 will help us cope individually and collectively in an uncertain 2022, explain University of Melbourne experts

  4. 19 July 2021 - Health & Medicine

    Being open to emotion in art

    Art can provoke, plague, and preoccupy. But what can our interactions with Science Gallery Melbourne's MENTAL: Head Inside teach us about emotions in our lives?

  5. Podcast18 March 2021 - Eavesdrop on Ideas

    Finding friendship in art and algorithms

    Eavesdrop on Ideas explores the vital nature of friendship and community, not just with other humans but also our connections to nature, algorithms and art.

  6. 21 December 2020 - Health & Wellbeing

    How to (sleigh) ride your emotions this Christmas

    For people feeling down or stressed this COVID-normal holiday period, University of Melbourne experts have some evidence-based tips for managing your emotions.

  7. 13 November 2020 - Health & Wellbeing

    The science of supporting others

    University of Melbourne experts provide six evidence-based tips for providing support in times of extreme change –finding our ‘COVID normal'.

  8. 19 August 2020 - Health & Medicine

    The ugly truth

    We say looks don't matter but University of Melbourne research finds more evidence that they do; understanding our response to ugliness can help counteract it

  9. 20 April 2020 - COVID-19

    Dealing with feelings about COVID-19

    At a time when we feel we can’t manage our environment, there are still some effective ways to manage our feelings say University of Melbourne experts.

  10. 31 March 2020 - Health & Wellbeing

    What disaster movies can teach us about coping with COVID-19

    Cinema may have lessons to teach us about working together to collectively overcome shared threats like the COVID pandemic says a University of Melbourne expert