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  • Associate Professor Michele Trenti

    School of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne

  1. Podcast22 July 2020 - Eavesdrop on Experts

    Launching the SpIRIT satellite

    University of Melbourne researchers describe plans to build the SpIRIT satellite– to be launched in space by 2022, with Australian and Italian Space Agencies.

  2. 19 July 2019 - Science Matters

    Where next for space exploration?

    As the world marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, University of Melbourne experts explore what the next ‘giant leap’ might be in space exploration.

  3. 5 October 2018 - Science Matters

    Sky hopping with Australia’s first space telescope

    The University of Melbourne is combining innovative design and new, low-cost nano-satellite technology to build Australia’s first space telescope, Skyhopper.

  4. 21 December 2016 - Science Matters

    To infinity and beyond

    The past 18 months has seen incredible developments in our understanding of the universe. Here Pursuit revisits five of the biggest and previews what to expect.

  5. 13 December 2016 - Science Matters

    Finding a needle in a space haystack

    A University of Melbourne student has been given rare access to use the Spitzer Space Telescope, which she is using to explore early galaxies in the universe.

  6. 4 March 2016 - Science Matters

    A galaxy (very) far, far away

    Researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered the most distant galaxy yet seen, at 13.4 billion light years away. And it’s a big one.

  7. 6 November 2015 - Science Matters

    What happened to Mars’ atmosphere?

    A University of Melbourne expert explains data from Nasa's MAVEN spacecraft that reveals Mars' atmosphere is blowing in the solar wind