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  1. Podcast4 January 2018 - Up Close

    The state of the science in an age of cannabis liberalisation

    University of Melbourne Psychiatrist Prof David Castle discusses how cannabis represents both a public health risk and a wide-ranging therapeutic opportunity.

  2. Podcast20 October 2017 - Up Close

    What are the keys to a successful urban innovation district?

    Urban thinker Julie Wagner on how city innovation districts grow, and how their reliance on the physical and the local serves to foster creative industries.

  3. Podcast25 August 2017 - Up Close

    Why feeling pain is key to our happiness

    University of Melbourne psychologist Dr Brock Bastian on the value of experiencing pain and accepting unpleasantness in our pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

  4. Podcast29 July 2016 - Up Close

    Why isn’t treatment for depression leading to lower prevalence?

    Professor Tony Jorm asks why prevalence of anxiety and depression in North America, Australia and elsewhere hasn't decreased despite increased treatment.

  5. Podcast20 May 2016 - Up Close

    Emerging insights into the way we choose

    Professor Peter Bossaerts argues that investigating brain activity as we make decisions is generating new insights into how we deal with uncertainty and risk.

  6. Podcast25 March 2016 - Up Close

    The end of sustainability

    Environmental law expert Robin Craig argues that notions of sustainability in managing our natural resources need to make way for resilience-based approaches.

  7. Podcast26 February 2016 - Up Close

    Costing us dearly: The toll of austerity policy on public health

    Sociologist David Stuckler argues that austerity policies imposed by national governments in response to economic crises serve to worsen public health.