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  • Professor Bernadette McSherry

    Director, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, Adjunct Professor of Law, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne; Faculty of Law, Monash University

  1. 7 October 2018 - Legal Affairs

    Coercion in mental health care: Finding a new way

    University of Melbourne researchers have identified practices from around the world that aim to reduce coercion in mental health care settings, for a UN report.

  2. 7 September 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Unfit to plead: Imprisoned without conviction

    A two-year University of Melbourne project has identified that early support can reduce incidences of 'unfit to plead' cases in our criminal justice system.

  3. 6 June 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Chemical restraint: Behind locked doors

    Chemical restraint, often used to control people with disabilities and dementia, needs to be monitored and regulated argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 21 November 2016 - Legal Affairs

    Time to hold back on the use of restraints

    Using coercion to control behaviour in healthcare settings is sometimes necessary, but better regulation is needed to ensure it doesn't become the norm.

  5. 26 July 2016 - Legal Affairs

    Four Corners: Using restraints can be called torture

    Graphic images screened on the ABC's Four Corners program, depicting a juvenile detainee being restrained, show why this practice should be banned.

  6. 4 April 2016 - Legal Affairs

    Disability-based disadvantage – a life sentence?

    A new research project is focusing on how support systems can be improved to prevent disability-based discrimination in the criminal justice system.

  7. 3 February 2016 - Public Affairs

    Researching disability

    Researchers need to continue focusing on eliminating a history of discriminatory practices in disability research.