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    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Provost, University of Melbourne

  1. 8 March 2018 - Public Affairs

    Religious freedom: One right among many

    A University of Melbourne expert argues the tension between rights like religious freedom and equality reflects the need for an Australian bill of rights.

  2. 20 December 2017 - Humanities

    Part 1: 2018 Summer reading

    Reading a good book on holiday is one of life’s indulgences, but getting a gem of a recommendation from our University of Melbourne experts can be a true gift.

  3. 15 November 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Q&A: What happens after the ‘yes’

    Australia has voted 'yes' in the same sex marriage survey; a University of Melbourne expert looks at what happens next in politics, law and discrimination law.

  4. 24 September 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Same sex marriage, religious freedom and the law

    As Australians vote in the same sex marriage survey debate has focused on religious freedom, a University of Melbourne expert explains exactly what the law says

  5. 14 May 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Digital disruption and the Law

    The legal profession is experiencing digital disruption. Dean of the University of Melbourne Law School, Carolyn Evans, argues legal education must adapt too.

  6. 7 April 2016 - Legal Affairs

    Why Parliament should decide on same sex marriage

    Australia's Parliament should take the decision to change the same sex marriage law and not leave it to a plebiscite, which will cost millions.

  7. 25 November 2015 - Public Affairs

    Four ways to get more women into Parliament

    Australia needs to develop multiple ways to bring more women into the political pipeline and help them succeed - and this discussion needs to be ongoing.