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  • Professor Caron Beaton-Wells

    Program Director, Global Competition and Consumer Law, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

  1. 29 July 2019 - Legal Affairs

    ACCC doubles down on digital platforms

    A University of Melbourne expert says the ACCC’s final report into digital platforms in Australia finds that big tech giants warrant close competition scrutiny.

  2. 1 May 2019 - Legal Affairs

    Competition policy: An election issue?

    Competition law doesn’t grab headlines at elections, but a University of Melbourne expert says Opposition proposals on fines and merger reviews, merit attention

  3. 24 July 2018 - Legal Affairs

    Taking on big tech: Where does Australia stand?

    Big tech is under fire in Europe. A University of Melbourne academic looks at how the EU's latest fine on Google could effect antitrust policy in Australia.

  4. 26 March 2018 - Legal Affairs

    Why are corporate penalties for cartels so low in Australia?

    An OECD report and University of Melbourne research confirms Australian fines for companies that break competition law are much lower than in other countries.

  5. 13 March 2018 - Legal Affairs

    Keeping tabs on the tech giants

    As Australia's competition watchdog investigates tech giants like Google and Facebook, a University of Melbourne expert says the focus is more transparency.

  6. 18 October 2017 - Legal Affairs

    Coming soon to an aisle near you

    The arrival of AmazonFresh and Kaufland will change Australia's grocery sector; University of Melbourne experts discuss the impact on our two supermarket giants

  7. 9 March 2017 - Under the Microscope

    From the bar to the supermarket: Life as a competition lawyer

    Working on the Stolen Generations case was "life transforming" for former Barrister and competition law expert Professor Caron Beaton-Wells.

  8. 29 September 2015 - Inside Business

    Too big to fail

    The admission that it rigged emissions tests won't be enough to bring automotive giant VW down.