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    Deputy Director, HILDA Survey, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne

  1. 12 February 2024 - Humanities

    Over the last 21 years, the highest earners received the most tax relief

    Despite average tax rates trending downwards, high-income earners are getting the most benefits, shows the University of Melbourne's HILDA survey.

  2. 12 February 2024 - Inside Business

    Vaping is ‘a young person phenomenon’ in Australia

    For the first time, the University of Melbourne's annual HILDA survey has explored who is using vapes, and it’s Australia’s young people getting hooked

  3. 12 February 2024 - Inside Business

    More Australian adult children are living with their parents longer

    Australian parents are waiting longer for an empty nest as their adult children live at home for longer, finds the University of Melbourne's annual HILDA study

  4. 5 December 2022 - Inside Business

    The rise and rise of job insecurity

    Blue collar workers were the winners in a COVID-19 job market that saw the biggest rise in job insecurity in two decades, finds the annual HILDA survey.

  5. 5 December 2022 - Inside Business

    A light at the end of the inequality tunnel?

    This year’s HILDA survey suggests that the Government’s COVID-19 financial support shows us there may be better ways to tackle income inequality in Australia.

  6. 9 May 2022 - Inside Business

    Persistent poverty is a major policy issue

    While a job is often crucial to lifting people out of poverty, adequate income support and child care are also critical, say University of Melbourne researchers

  7. 6 December 2021 - Inside Business

    How we’ve changed in 20 years

    The HILDA Survey is turning 20 and shows a changing and largely well-functioning society but also reveals pressure points, says University of Melbourne expert

  8. 20 November 2020 - Inside Business

    Too many eggs in the property wealth basket

    HILDA Survey shows Australians' wealth is heavily dependent on property, which is a worry given falling business ownership says University of Melbourne expert

  9. 20 November 2020 - Inside Business

    Pandemic fallout exposes the young and vulnerable

    HILDA data suggests COVID-19 downturn to hit the most vulnerable, especially young workers; a University of Melbourne expert says welfare policy now central

  10. 26 October 2020 - Inside Business

    Poverty in childhood leads to poverty in adulthood

    New University of Melbourne research finds Australian children from poor homes are over three times more likely to suffer adult poverty – and more must be done.