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  1. 21 April 2021 – Aged Care, Ageing, Consumer Protection, Healthcare, Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

    Competition isn’t improving the aged care sector

    A University of Melbourne study finds more competition is not associated with better quality of care or lower prices in aged care, prompting policy reform.

  2. 16 March 2021 – COVID-19, Child care, Families, Poverty, Social Welfare

    Time to reform Australia’s unfair family support system

    Australia's family support system is unfair, making it hard for mothers to return to work and penalising dual-earners, says University of Melbourne researcher.

  3. 28 February 2021 – Business Research, Electronic Word of Mouth, Marketing, Social Media, Text Mining

    How businesses can head off social media storms

    Businesses need to respond fast with empathy and/or explanations when dealing with negative online reviews and complaints, says University of Melbourne expert

  4. 16 February 2021 – Children, Discrimination, Gay Rights, Same Sex Marriage

    Children with same-sex parents outperform others in school

    Same-sex-parented children outperform their peers in many areas of academic achievement finds a new study led by the University of Melbourne.

  5. 11 February 2021 – House Prices, Housing, Property Market, Stamp Duty, Taxes

    Is it time to stamp out stamp duty?

    Stamp duty is highly inefficient, say University of Melbourne experts, but there are options to replace it with an alternative tax, although controversial.

  6. 5 February 2021 – Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Markets, Money

    Behind the bitcoin bubble

    Bitcoin, the well-known cryptocurrency, quadrupled its value in early 2021 – but University of Melbourne experts ask whether it really is “21st century gold”?

  7. 31 January 2021 – Australian Economy, COVID-19, House Prices, Interest Rates, Property Market

    Home ownership stays a pipe dream for many

    Despite rising new home loan numbers amid the COVID-19 economic recovery the outlook for housing affordability remains bleak says University of Melbourne expert

  8. 15 January 2021 – Flexible Working, Management, Productivity, Work, Workplace

    Is transparency at work good for productivity?

    In a time of remote working, motivation and productivity are more important than ever. University of Melbourne research asks if transparency is the answer.

  9. 9 December 2020 – COVID-19, Child care, HILDA, Mental Health, Work-Family Conflict

    Parents with children at home reach breaking point

    High mental stress among working parents in wake of COVID-19 highlights need for policies that address work-family conflict, say University of Melbourne experts