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  1. 9 March 2020 – Employment, Indonesia, International Women's Day, Women, Work

    What’s keeping women out of work?

    As Indonesia’s economy continues to grow, University of Melbourne research asks, on International Women's Day, what's keeping the country’s women out of work?

  2. 7 March 2020 – Economy, International Women's Day, Slavery, Supply Chains, Women

    Rebelling against modern slavery

    On International Women's Day, modern slavery means we need to change what we buy to help end exploitation of women, says University of Melbourne research.

  3. 14 February 2020 – Discrimination, Gender, Sexual Harassment, Women, Workplace

    Busting the myths about sexual harassment

    University of Melbourne experts say we have decades of research on sexual harassment and how to combat it. But first, we need to dispel the myths that enable it

  4. 7 February 2020 – Advertising, Egg Donation, Fertility, Reproduction, Women

    Thinking about using donated eggs to start a family?

    In Australia, donating eggs is regulated, but in the US, it's more like online shopping. University of Melbourne experts explain the egg donor industry.

  5. 7 January 2020 – Labour Law, Organisational dynamics, Sport, Sport and Culture

    Abuse in sport: bad apples or bad barrels?

    Athlete abuse isn't just rogue individuals but a systemic problem, and sport organisations need to start addressing it, says University of Melbourne research

  6. 16 December 2019 – Blood, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Red Cross, Surgery

    Why a blood donation isn’t just for Christmas

    The holiday season brings urgent calls for blood donations, but a University of Melbourne expert says people need to keep donating to prevent chronic shortages.

  7. 28 November 2019 – Cognitive Behaviour , Decision-making, Secret, Social Psychology, Stress

    Why do we say things we later regret?

    Why do we say things we shouldn't? In a series of experiments University of Melbourne research finds that being aroused makes us less careful about what we say.

  8. 24 November 2019 – Jobs, Parents, Policy, Unemployment, Work

    Breaking the family chain of joblessness

    New University of Melbourne research finds children of parents who are both jobless can experience long-term disadvantage, but good policy can break the cycle.

  9. 26 August 2019 – Adaptive Selling, Business Psychology, Customer Relations, Empathy, Management

    Is empathy good for business?

    Empathy is a crucial advantage in business, says a University of Melbourne expert, but too much empathy can have unintended consequences, clouding objectivity