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  1. 24 February 2017 – Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Bankruptcy, Company Law, Insolvencies, Phoenix Companies

    Time to put tracking numbers on directors

    The unscrupulous are using phoenix companies to rip off creditors that is costing the economy billions. Experts now say it's time to number track directors

  2. 19 February 2017 – Amazon, Online Shopping, Retailing, Virtual Supermarket

    Amazon’s arrival can drive innovation and improvement

    Amazon's inevitable entry into Australia will shake up the local retail sector, which will have it innovate to stare down the online giant.

  3. 13 February 2017 – Big Data, Collusion, Competition Law, Markets, Petrol Prices

    How tacit collusion makes consumers pay

    A first of its kind study that analysed over 1.7 million prices has provided empirical evidence of how tacit collusion worked in the Perth petrol market.

  4. 7 February 2017 – Cosmetic Surgery, Women, Work

    Cosmetic surgery and the workplace beauty premium

    Cosmetic surgery can increase self-esteem and job satisfaction - but employers have a role to play in dismantling bias focused on physical attractiveness.

  5. 19 December 2016 – Disability, Disadvantage, Wellbeing, Work

    Making workplace laws work for those with disabilities

    A new approach to welfare-to-work programs should make it easier for people with disabilities to find employment, but women continue to face added disadvantage.

  6. 19 December 2016 – Australian Economy, Budget, Interest Rates, Taxes

    No pot of gold at end of Budget rainbow

    Professor Ross Garnaut warns that Australia's over-optimistic budget update is obscuring the need to take action to boost the economy.

  7. 13 December 2016 – Advertising, Marketing, Simple Pleasures, Small Annoyances, Social Psychology

    How feeling good helps us make good

    New research has found that simple pleasures, far from being unproductive distractions, can offset life's daily annoyances to keep us focused on our goals.

  8. 23 September 2016 – Banking, Corporate Regulation, Culture, Ethics

    The trouble with banking culture

    Gone are the days of the highly-respected bank manager, a pillar of society. Today, the public image of banks leaves much to be desired.

  9. 18 November 2016 – 2016 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Economy, Environment, Trade

    President Trump: What it means for the world’s economies

    Donald Trump's economic policies could have huge impact on the world – but exactly what that impact will be remains unclear.

  10. 29 October 2016 – Decision-making, Health, Neuroscience, Psychology, Risk

    Using finance and psychology to fight fat

    Psychology is being married with financial modelling to see how dietary choices could help the fight against obesity.