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  1. 3 November 2021 – Climate, Farming, Finance, Food Security, Regenerative Agriculture

    Redefining Farmland value for climate and food security

    Regenerative agriculture can translate environmental health of farmland into economic value and address climate change, explain University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 20 October 2021 – COVID-19, Families, Intergenerational disadvantage, Poverty, Social Welfare

    Ensuring families aren’t left behind in the recovery

    Economic recovery from COVID-19 needs to include better support for financially stressed families with young children, says University of Melbourne expert.

  3. 17 October 2021 – Disability, Intergenerational disadvantage, Poverty, Single Parents, Social Welfare

    Targeting support to break the cycle of disadvantage

    Targeted support can break cycle of intergenerational disadvantage that weighs on single parents and parents with disability say University of Melbourne experts

  4. 11 October 2021 – Australian Economy, COVID-19, Economic Policy, Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates

    The power shift in global economics

    Low interest rates and the shock of COVID-19 mean governments, not central banks now control the world’s key economic levers says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 25 August 2021 – Caste System, Identity, India, Inequality, Social Media

    Caste and cricket: How celebrities enable inequality

    University of Melbourne experts say examples of celebrities flaunting their caste identity can end up further promoting and enabling this historic inequality.

  6. 17 June 2021 – COVID-19, Labour, Slavery, Supply Chains, Sustainability

    Keeping supply chains ethical and sustainable amid COVID-19

    Pressure on global supply chains from COVID-19 means we need to be watchful that ethics and sustainability aren't sacrificed say University of Melbourne experts

  7. 11 June 2021 – Business, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Management, Public Health

    Saying ‘no’, nicely

    Many businesses have become ‘gatekeepers’ during COVID-19, but University of Melbourne research finds tips to keeping customers happy while staying COVID-safe.

  8. 30 May 2021 – Australian Politics, Climate, Economy, Emissions, Renewable Energy

    Tougher environmental policies can create economic winners

    New University of Melbourne research shows if Australia adopts tougher environmental policies, economic growth can be improved, not undermined as often assumed.

  9. 24 May 2021 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Public Health, Vaccination, Vaccines

    Should we pay Australians to get vaccinated?

    Incentives for vaccine hesitant Australians to get vaccinated are all wrong. A University of Melbourne expert asks why don’t we pay people to get vaccinated?