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  1. 5 December 2022 – COVID-19, HILDA, HILDA 2022, Jobs, Work

    The rise and rise of job insecurity

    Blue collar workers were the winners in a COVID-19 job market that saw the biggest rise in job insecurity in two decades, finds the annual HILDA survey.

  2. 5 December 2022 – COVID-19, Flexible Working, HILDA, HILDA 2022, Work

    Navigating the great office exodus

    Working from home became the norm during COVID-19, but how have Australians shifted from a traditional workplace? The annual HILDA survey has some answers.

  3. 5 December 2022 – COVID-19, Finance, HILDA, HILDA 2022, Inequality

    A light at the end of the inequality tunnel?

    This year’s HILDA survey suggests that the Government’s COVID-19 financial support shows us there may be better ways to tackle income inequality in Australia.

  4. 5 December 2022 – Australia, HILDA, HILDA 2022, Lockdown, Mental Health

    A COVID-19 state of mind

    The latest HILDA Survey shows the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown accelerated the already declining mental health of younger Australians.

  5. 18 July 2022 – Business Research, Creativity, Ethics, Management, Social Media

    Can ethical leaders make teams more creative?

    Research suggests that ethical leaders provide their teams with emotional confidence that helps to foster creativity, says University of Melbourne expert

  6. 13 June 2022 – Exports, Food, Food Security, Supply Chains, Wars

    The cascading crisis of global food supply chains

    The world is experiencing a food crisis linked to war and climate change, but there are some solutions to soften the blow, says University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 9 June 2022 – Employment, Poverty, Public Policy, Social Welfare, Women

    A family breakup is a poverty trap for women

    A woman’s risk of falling into poverty doubles after a separation, with a family breakup a poverty trap for many, says new University of Melbourne research

  8. 9 May 2022 – Australian Politics, Employment, Poverty, Social Policy, Social Welfare

    Persistent poverty is a major policy issue

    While a job is often crucial to lifting people out of poverty, adequate income support and child care are also critical, say University of Melbourne researchers

  9. 13 March 2022 – Business Research, Creativity, Management, Organisational Behaviour, Organisations

    Every Sherlock needs a Watson (or two)

    A University of Melbourne expert says creatives often need colleagues to be catalysts, but how can organisations identify and foster these catalysts?