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  1. 7 October 2016 – Ageing, Discrimination, Skills, Training, Workplace Culture

    Ford workers need chance to shift gear

    At an average age of 50, the Ford workers losing their jobs at Broadmeadows and Geelong have transferrable skills, but employers need to give them a chance.

  2. 29 August 2016 – Carbon Risk, Climate Change, Companies, Corporate Regulation, Fossil Fuels

    Carbon risk disclosure: The risk for Australian companies

    Poor and misleading disclosure may be a looming legal issue in Australia, but there is also growing evidence it can have a positive effect on companies.

  3. 11 August 2016 – Economics, HILDA, House Prices, Social Policy

    How to advance Australia fair

    Australia, the land of the fair go, isn’t looking so fair with a widening divide between the haves and have nots. What can be done is dissected in this podcast.

  4. 23 August 2016 – Ageing, HILDA, Retirement

    Is a comfortable retirement out of reach for the average Australian?

    The Commonwealth Government’s tougher Age Pension assets test will reduce the retirement incomes of most working Australians. Will you retire comfortably?

  5. 17 August 2016 – Black Saturday, Bushfires, Climate Change, Earth Sciences, Royal Commission

    Bushfires: How politics is compromising safety

    As Australia's fire seasons become longer, more complex and damaging, an industrial dispute is the last thing fire-prone communities need.

  6. 17 August 2016 – Australian Economy, Exports, Iron Ore , Responsible Mining

    Responsible mining doesn’t have to be an oxymoron

    Mining in the 21st century can deliver the goods and be more socially and environmentally acceptable, a new book by Dr Sara Bice shows.

  7. 20 June 2016 – 2016 Federal Election , Brexit, Nanny State, Public Policy

    Swimming in a sea of bureaucracy

    Big Government v Small Government. The size, reach and role of Governments comes under scrutiny in this episode of The Policy Shop podcast.

  8. 8 August 2016 – Collaboration, Education, Innovation, STEM, Workplace

    Why innovation requires a mix of skillsets

    It’s not a shortage of STEM skills, but the lack of the right mix of talent across a business that is holding up the innovation train, a research group finds.

  9. 25 July 2016 – Decision-making, Financial decision-making, Health, Neuroscience, Obesity, Psychology, Risk

    Finance + Psychology: Finding a way to fight obesity

    Could we be on our way to combating or controlling obesity? Researchers have discovered how the environment impacts obese people differently to others.

  10. 20 July 2016 – Australian Politics, Budget, Economics, Exercise, HILDA, House Prices, Labour, Sleep

    How post-boom Australia is faring

    The largest ongoing survey of Australians shows that the young are missing out to the older generations and the boom times are over as wealth growth stalls.