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  1. 12 October 2017 – Birth, Cognitive Development, Education, NAPLAN, Pregnancy

    When economists have babies

    After both his children were born via C-section, University of Melbourne researcher Dr Cain Polidano investigated how caesarians impact cognitive development.

  2. 11 October 2017 – Australian Economy, Auto Industry, Business & Economics, Labour, Manufacturing

    Ex-auto workers could boost clean energy industry

    As Australia's auto manufacturing industry shuts down, a University of Melbourne economist argues workers' skills could transfer to the clean energy industry.

  3. 9 October 2017 – Equality, Future, Jobs, Women, Work

    5 ways the future of work could change for women

    Women remain under-represented in senior roles and earn less. University of Melbourne experts discuss what the future of work could look like for women.

  4. 6 October 2017 – Employment, Future, Jobs, Robots, Technology

    Human vs computer: Becoming more employable than an algorithm

    Technology and robotics is a threat to future job security, but University of Melbourne research finds it could free us to use our uniquely human skills.

  5. 27 September 2017 – Children, Gender, Parenting, Parents, Teenagers

    Teenage daughters as a risk of divorce

    University of Melbourne research finds parents of teenage daughters have a higher risk of divorce - but the risk disappears if the fathers grew up with a sister

  6. 13 September 2017 – Australia, Economy, House Prices, Housing, Interest Rates

    Australia’s housing: Hard crash or soft landing?

    University of Melbourne research looks at whether Australia's housing market is still booming, or blinded by euphoria?

  7. 2 August 2017 – Australian Economy, Australian Politics, Economics, HILDA, HILDA 2017

    What 17 years of data tells us about Australia

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA Survey has been running for 17 years, providing important insight into the financial and social wellbeing of Australians.

  8. 1 August 2017 – Gay Rights, HILDA, HILDA 2017, LGBTQ, Same Sex Marriage

    Why more Australians are supporting gay rights

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA Survey 2017 reveals Australians are becoming more progressive and, in particular, more supportive of gay rights.

  9. 1 August 2017 – Australian Politics, Gambling, HILDA, HILDA 2017, Social Welfare

    For the love of the punt

    The University of Melbourne HILDA Survey 2017 shows over 200,000 Australians are problem gamblers, but very little is known yet about the impact of their habit.

  10. 1 August 2017 – Australian Politics, HILDA, HILDA 2017, House Prices, Retirement

    Australia’s generational wealth divide is biting

    In 2017 the University of Melbourne's long running HILDA Survey shows Australia's generational wealth divide is biting, threatening the future retirement system