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  1. 1 May 2017 – Doctors, Economics, General Practice, Medicine, Workplace Culture

    Taking the pulse of general practice

    A major University of Melbourne / ANZ report into general practice in Australia reveals the number of GPs is declining in real terms and their morale is falling

  2. 27 April 2017 – Alumni, Business, Commerce, Online Shopping, Retailing

    5 ways to keep your customers coming back

    As shoppers increasingly buy and research purchases online, one University of Melbourne alumnus says retailers need to focus on 5 key areas for customer loyalty

  3. 26 April 2017 – Business, Business & Economics, Business Research, Start-ups

    5 ways to validate your start-up idea

    Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs about how to validate the market for a start-up business idea, from the University of Melbourne experts who’ve studied it.

  4. 24 April 2017 – Centre for Workplace Leadership, Disability, Workplace Change, Workplace Culture, Workplace Diversity

    A new approach to disability in the workplace

    While people with disabilities can still face discrimination when job-seeking, University of Melbourne experts say some employers value a diverse workforce.

  5. 23 April 2017 – Accounting, Anzac Day, Government, World War 2, war

    Accounting the Cost of War

    In WW2, Australia began manufacturing munitions, and a team of accountants from the University of Melbourne was called in by the government to stop profiteering

  6. 18 April 2017 – Alumni, Business & Economics, Entrepreneurs, Information technology, Innovation

    The next big things in on-demand

    The on-demand economy is changing how we consume everything from holidays to takeaways. Three University of Melbourne alumni share some industry insights.

  7. 6 April 2017 – Business & Economics, Economics, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Start-ups

    Why are Australian start-ups failing?

    Australian start-up businesses are failing to grow, the University of Melbourne finds out where entrepreneurs are going wrong.

  8. 29 March 2017 – Accounting, Business & Economics, Business Research, Crowdfunding, Equity funding

    Equity crowdfunding: Seeing through the hard sell

    A controversial form of crowdfunding takes the platform to a new level – but shrewd investors are seeing through the hard sell, new research finds

  9. 6 March 2017 – Ageing, Discrimination, Retirement, Work

    The challenge and opportunity of an ageing workforce

    For the first time, we have four generations working together. We need to work out how to deal with the challenges and opportunities this brings.

  10. 1 March 2017 – Economy, House Prices, Property Market, Urban Planning

    Greater density or urban sprawl – solving the housing challenge

    What is the solution for Melbourne's property demands? Can we successfully negotiate the trade-offs between location and dwelling type?