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  1. 17 May 2018 – Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Online Shopping, Technology

    Blockchain: Lucrative buzzword or legitimate game changer?

    Blockchain is a system of processing transactions, well known for cryptocurrencies, but as University of Melbourne experts explain that's the tip of the iceberg

  2. 9 May 2018 – 2018 Federal Budget, Australia, Australian Economy, Budget, Business & Economics

    2018 Budget: The big takeaways

    University of Melbourne economists worry the Government's flatter tax system plan will stoke inequality while the 2018-19 budget dodges the major challenges.

  3. 2 May 2018 – Business & Economics, Management, Narcissism, Psychology, Workplace Culture

    It's official: Power creates a narcissist

    Power increases narcissism among people with high testosterone levels, University of Melbourne research has found, so watch out for self-obsessed managers.

  4. 30 April 2018 – Humour, Management, Psychology, Work, Workplace Culture

    Why moaning about work can actually be good for you

    University of Melbourne research shows moaning can help teams bond in the workplace and process negative emotions, and that humour plays an important role too.

  5. 5 April 2018 – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Depression, Mental Health, Pakistan, Perinatal Depression

    Treating depression to economically empower mothers

    A University of Melbourne evaluation has shown cognitive behavioural therapy for women with perinatal depression in Pakistan can be economically empowering.

  6. 27 March 2018 – Ageing, Ageism, Centre for Workplace Leadership, Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative, Workplace Change

    An older society will need to work for all

    Early findings from a University of Melbourne survey find Australians are not generally ageist, but some young people think older people need to move over.

  7. 26 March 2018 – Banking, Ethics, Finance, Future, Start-ups

    Keeping robot finance fair

    Digital transformation has far reaching implications for ethical conduct in the banking sector and how it is regulated, argue University of Melbourne experts.

  8. 9 March 2018 – Feminism, Women, Workplace, Workplace Culture

    When flexible working makes life harder

    Flexible work practices like 4/10 work weeks can cause more harm than good, particularly when mandated by an employer, University of Melbourne research finds.

  9. 28 February 2018 – Australia, Homeless, Jobs, Social Policy, Unemployment

    The grim cycle of homelessness and unemployment

    Research by a University of Melbourne expert finds homelessness impairs people’s capacity to keep a job more than their ability to gain employment.

  10. 23 February 2018 – Disadvantage, Homeless, Poverty, Public Policy, Social Welfare

    The Australians stuck below the poverty line

    University of Melbourne research shows persistent poverty in Australia is higher than previously thought, with the most disadvantaged struggling to exit poverty