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  1. 15 August 2018 – Banking Royal Commission, Ethics, Financial decision-making, Neoclassical economics

    Making the financial industry more like a health service

    Financial services need to rediscover their social mission in the wake of the latest misconduct revelations in Australia, argue University of Melbourne experts

  2. 31 July 2018 – Child care, Early Learning, HILDA, HILDA 2018, Parenting

    Who is left behind under the new child care subsidy?

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA survey finds families are increasingly relying on childcare but changing policy may lock out those who need it most.

  3. 31 July 2018 – Gender, Gender Pay Gap, HILDA, HILDA 2018, Marriage

    Who is doing what on the homefront?

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA survey finds Australia's more progressive attitudes regarding gender roles isn’t translating into division of chores at home

  4. 31 July 2018 – Families, HILDA, HILDA 2018, House Prices, Housing

    Is rent-for-life becoming the new norm for families?

    The HILDA survey from the University of Melbourne finds the age group with the highest number of renters moving into home-ownership is now the 55-64 year-olds.

  5. 31 July 2018 – Business, Employment, Entrepreneurs, HILDA, HILDA 2018

    Small business: Not the jobs engine we think

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA Survey finds the number of self-employed entrepreneurs in Australia doing well enough to hire staff is shrinking.

  6. 31 July 2018 – HILDA, HILDA 2018, House Prices, Poverty, Unemployment

    How Australians are faring

    The annual the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, or HILDA, gives us a snapshot of the economic and social wellbeing of Australians.

  7. 1 July 2018 – Business, CEO, Inequality, Pay, Philanthropy

    Don’t blame inequality just on the ‘Fat Cats’

    CEO salaries are often criticised as an example of widening income inequality, but a University of Melbourne expert says that focus misses the big picture.

  8. 21 June 2018 – Leadership, Management, Work, Workplace, Workplace Culture

    Want to lead self-motivated employees?

    University of Melbourne research has shown how leaders can support employees to work more autonomously, creating a happier and more productive workplace.

  9. 14 June 2018 – General Practice, Health Spending, Medical Fees, Medical Specialists, Surgery

    Why do medical specialist consultation fees vary so much?

    A new University of Melbourne report shows a wide variation in fees and earnings among medical specialists - making the case for more transparency in healthcare

  10. 17 May 2018 – Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Online Shopping, Technology

    Blockchain: Lucrative buzzword or legitimate game changer?

    Blockchain is a system of processing transactions, well known for cryptocurrencies, but as University of Melbourne experts explain that's the tip of the iceberg