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Discover education research and innovation from birth, through the early years, school, university and beyond.

  1. 26 August 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Education, Empathy, Students

    Helping to develop empathy in digital classrooms

    University of Melbourne research explores how schools can help their students to develop and grow empathy when being face-to-face in COVID-19 isn’t an option.

  2. 30 July 2020 – COVID-19, Disadvantaged Schools, Teacher Retention, Teacher Training, Teachers

    The challenge to retain second-career teachers

    The COVID-19 economic downturn means more career-changers may enter teaching, but we need to do more to ensure they stay, say University of Melbourne experts

  3. 20 July 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Educational Psychology, Identity, Mental Health

    Our changing identities under COVID-19

    The fallout from COVID-19 is a challenge to many people’s identity, but some of us have few resources to cope and need help warns University of Melbourne expert

  4. 6 July 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Education, Students, Teachers

    Being a teacher during COVID-19

    A University of Melbourne survey found Australian teachers were working harder and longer during COVID-19 home learning, but identified opportunities for change

  5. 29 June 2020 – Education, Exams, Schools, Students, Universities

    Future proofing Australian students with ‘new credentials’

    A new University of Melbourne report offers a new generation of school and university credentials aims to redefine success for school leavers and graduates.

  6. 9 June 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Education, Schools, Teaching

    Education in extreme times

    As kids return to school, University of Melbourne researchers says COVID-19 is an opportunity for educators to re-think the relationship between school and life

  7. 19 May 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Education, Wellbeing, online learning

    How do we teach students about their wellbeing online?

    The next step in children's online learning will be how to teach social emotional learning in digital classrooms, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 25 May 2020 – Adaptive Change, COVID-19, Habits, Positive Psychology, Resilience

    Embracing a new normal in ourselves and communities

    COVID-19 has changed our habits, explains a University of Melbourne expert. So what do we want to keep doing and stop doing, individually and as a community?

  9. 27 April 2020 – Asialink, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Education, Teaching and Learning

    The world is a classroom

    A University of Melbourne expert says COVID-19 presents an opportunity to reevaluate our attitudes to modern education - right here, right now.