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Discover education research and innovation from birth, through the early years, school, university and beyond.

  1. 25 July 2021 – Australia, Higher Education, International Students, Policy, Universities

    International students enhance Australia’s universities

    Highlighting the strengths of international students will emphasise how much they enrich Australia’s education sector, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 14 June 2021 – Child Development, Early Childhood, Education, Education Policy, Research

    Children are more than just a return on investment

    Education systems need to see children as capable citizens, not simply a cost where the investment will only pay off later, say University of Melbourne experts

  3. 6 June 2021 – COVID-19, Children, Coronavirus, Parenting, Parents

    Parenting during lockdown

    COVID-19 restrictions made 2020 a challenging year for many parents; University of Melbourne research asks how it all affected their levels of life satisfaction

  4. 7 March 2021 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Australian Indigenous Education, International Women's Day, Racism, Schools

    Getting racism out of the classroom

    Schools are part of a system of colonial rule not easily overwritten; University of Melbourne experts say teachers must work to challenge structural racism

  5. 27 November 2020 – Diplomacy, International Relations, Research, Teaching and Learning, Universities

    Australia’s universities need to be free to engage globally

    An Australian government veto power on overseas university agreements puts at risk the benefits of international engagement warn University of Melbourne experts

  6. 24 November 2020 – Computer Gaming, Gaming, Schools, Video Games, eSports

    Playing for participation

    eSports is touted as the future of sport post-COVID-19, but University of Melbourne research finds schools can foster learning and collaboration in gaming clubs

  7. 11 October 2020 – Adaptive Change, COVID-19, Educational Psychology, Habits, Resilience

    Emerging from COVID-19 and taking the chance to change

    As COVID-19 restrictions loosen across Australia, it's a good time to take stock of how COVID-19 has changed our lives, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 6 October 2020 – COVID-19, Coronavirus, Exams, High Schools, Year 12

    5 tips for Year 12 students preparing for exams

    As Year 12 students prepare for their final exams in COVID-19, a University of Melbourne expert has tips to help students get over this final high school hurdle

  9. 5 October 2020 – Children, Education, Indigenous, Literature, Teaching and Learning

    Australian literature’s great silence

    A new University of Melbourne study says we must question the very white stories told in our classrooms and the lack of Indigenous authors in the curriculum.