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Discover education research and innovation from birth, through the early years, school, university and beyond.

  1. 21 November 2017 – Public Policy, Student Attrition, Student Loans, Universities

    The education war on attrition

    University of Melbourne experts call for national debate on tackling university drop out rate and who should be carrying the cost of student attrition

  2. 15 November 2017 – Aboriginal, Early Childhood, Early Learning, Indigenous, Intervention

    Boosting early learning for Indigenous children

    A University of Melbourne expert has adapted the ASQ screening tool for development difficulties in young children, for Aboriginal people living remotely.

  3. 9 November 2017 – ANZACS, Military, University of Melbourne, Women, World War I

    Remembrance Day: Updating an incomplete record

    A century after WWI, service personnel records are still being updated. This Remembrance Day, the University of Melbourne adds new names to its war history.

  4. 31 October 2017 – Education Policy, Higher Education, Skills, TAFE, Vocational and Educational Training (VET)

    Time to create universities of applied sciences?

    New institutions of skills and innovation, like universities of applied technology, could help transition Australia's economy say University of Melbourne expert

  5. 27 October 2017 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Atlantic Philanthropies, Deafness, Indigenous Health, Sign Language

    Speaking my language: Indigenous deaf sign

    A University of Melbourne Atlantic Fellow explores the gap between Indigenous sign languages and AUSLAN, that can leave Deaf Aboriginal Australians isolated

  6. 17 October 2017 – Exams, High Schools, Schools, Students, Year 12

    Tips and tricks to boost your Year 12 scores

    Educational neuroscientist Dr Jared Horvath from the University of Melbourne shares his Year 12 study tips for students and parents.

  7. Podcast22 September 2017 – Conflict, Endangered Languages, Languages, Linguistics, South East Asia

    Words and war: The role of the linguist in conflict resolution

    Language can divide, but it is also key to uniting people. Professor Jo Lo Bianco from the University of Melbourne works in conflict zones, including Myanmar.

  8. 18 September 2017 – Gen Y, Housing, Workplace Culture, Youth, Youth Research Centre

    A generation dislodged: Why things are tough for Gen Y

    A new report from the University of Melbourne shows a combination of insecure work, long working hours and unaffordable housing makes life tough for Gen Y.

  9. Podcast31 August 2017 – Anti discrimination, Disability, Education, Equality, Teaching

    Discrimination in the classroom

    Dr Shiralee Poed discusses improving teaching for children with disabilities, the My School website and why all students deserve to go to their local school.

  10. 24 August 2017 – Education, Gender, STEM, Sciences, Women In Science

    Getting more women into technology careers. Now.

    University of Melbourne experts say there needs to be a big shift in educational focus and workplace culture to get more women into careers in technology.