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Discover education research and innovation from birth, through the early years, school, university and beyond.

  1. 7 December 2018 – Children, Christmas, Parenting, Positive Psychology, Psychology

    Focusing on kindness, not consumption, this Christmas

    With a bit of planning, parents can use Christmas to teach kids how to slow down and be kind to other people, says University of Melbourne expert Lea Waters.

  2. 16 November 2018 – Education, High Schools, Schools, Teachers, Teaching

    What does a great teacher look like?

    A University of Melbourne study identifies the top ten characteristics great teachers share, with high levels of self-efficacy making the biggest impact.

  3. 7 November 2018 – Australian Indigenous Education, Australian Indigenous Homelands, Schools, Teacher Training

    Learning in the Homelands

    In the Indigenous Homelands of East Arnhem Land, University of Melbourne preservice teachers are learning the unique value of place and listening

  4. 22 October 2018 – Ancient History, Education, History, Philosophy, Universities

    Cross-examining western thinking

    The notion of ‘western civillisation’ has divided modern historians; a University of Melbourne expert says we need to explore and question ‘western thinking’.

  5. 3 October 2018 – Education, Public Policy, Skills, Vocational and Educational Training (VET), Workplace Change

    Skills education needs action, not more talk

    A flawed vocational training system is letting down Australia at a critical time for skills. Two University of Melbourne experts have a simple plan to fix it.

  6. 18 September 2018 – Climate Change, Environment, Gen X, Gen Y, Youth Research Centre

    What do Gen X and Gen Y worry about most? Climate change.

    The latest Life Patterns report from the University of Melbourne shows the environment is the biggest issue of concern for both Gen X and Gen Y.

  7. 10 September 2018 – Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Schools, Teachers, Teaching

    Finding what really works in education

    Assessing what works in the classroom using reason, not intuition, would help educators invest more wisely, argues John Hattie from the University of Melbourne.

  8. 7 September 2018 – Children, Education, Parenting, Parents, Schools

    What school is best for your child?

    Choosing the right school for your child can be daunting, but a University of Melbourne expert has practical hints and tips for what to look for and ask about.

  9. 13 August 2018 – Debt, Student Loans, Students, Universities, University Fees

    Financial anxiety widespread among university students

    Many students are struggling financially, according to a new Universities Australia survey conducted by University of Melbourne researchers.

  10. 3 August 2018 – Parenting, Psychology, Relationships, Resilience, Stress

    Teaching your child to cope

    Parents and teachers can help young people learn coping skills to better deal with the stresses of everyday life, says a University of Melbourne expert.