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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 9 August 2021 – COP26, Climate Change, IPCC, Melbourne Climate Futures, Paris Agreement

    Five takeaways from the IPCC Working Group I report

    University of Melbourne experts say the IPCC's report on physical science of climate change is the playbook for charting our climate future – but we must act.

  2. 28 July 2021 – Aged Care, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Philosophy, Robotics

    Are robots the answer for aged care during pandemics?

    Care robots may be a safer option in aged care during pandemics – University of Melbourne experts ask how far robot care can go and how far do we want it to go?

  3. Podcast7 July 2021 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Protection, Ethics, Technology

    AI and humans: collaboration rather than domination

    When algorithms make important decisions, we also need to involve humans who understand the context, explains University of Melbourne's Jeannie Paterson

  4. 17 June 2021 – 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games , Anti-Doping, Doping, Drugs in Sport, Sports

    What does it take to run faster, throw further, jump higher?

    Unregulated non-doping performance-enhancing strategies can give an inequitable advantage to some elite athletes, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 1 June 2021 – Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Banking Royal Commission, Corporate Crime, Corporate Law, Corporate Regulation

    Charging dead clients is dishonest. Really? Who knew

    Regulatory court action over the scandal in which fees were charged to dead clients is a wider warning to corporations, say University of Melbourne experts.

  6. 3 May 2021 – Criminal Justice, Domestic Violence, Intervention Order, Intimate Partner Sexual Violence, Sexual Violence

    Intimate partner sexual violence and the courts

    Intimate Partner Sexual Violence often goes unreported and the legal system can hamper women seeking justice or protection, says University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 26 April 2021 – Biden Climate Summit 2021, COP26, Climate, Climate Change, Melbourne Climate Futures

    Five things we learned from the Biden Climate Summit

    President Biden called on world leaders to cut emissions – but a University of Melbourne expert asks 'what did we learn from the first virtual climate meeting?'

  8. Podcast14 April 2021 – Criminal Justice, Criminology, Gender, Sexual Violence, Sexuality

    Prevention and justice for sexual violence

    Bianca Fileborn is researching the factors surrounding sexual violence – including place – and how we can better prevent it while providing new forms of justice

  9. 13 April 2021 – Australian Politics, Indigenous Politics, Indigenous Relations, Racism, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

    Real action needed on Aboriginal deaths in custody

    Thirty years on from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody the situation has worsened. A University of Melbourne expert says real action needed