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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 4 July 2022 – Artificial Intelligence, Law, Lawyers, Privacy, Technology

    Lawyers must adapt to the age of digitalisation

    Facial recognition technology highlights the need for lawyers to be trained in the legal risks of emerging technologies say University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 23 June 2022 – Colonial, Commonwealth, Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Human rights, Refugees

    The rights and wrongs of CHOGM 2022

    There’s a disparity between words and action when it comes to the Commonwealth’s record in implementing human rights, says University of Melbourne expert.

  3. 16 June 2022 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics, Privacy, Technology

    Is sentience really the debate to have?

    Debate over the alleged sentience of LaMDA continues, but University of Melbourne experts say there are bigger questions about AI’s overall lack of transparency

  4. 15 June 2022 – Cold War, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine Conflict, War in Ukraine

    Why the war in Ukraine is so hard to stop

    The real cause of Russia’s invasion is the special position that Ukraine occupies in post-imperial Russian politics, says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 14 June 2022 – Ageing, Ageism, Discrimination, Jobs, Workplace

    Reimagining age equality at work

    There’s an ambivalence in age discrimination law. Now, age equality needs a voice for a more equal future in the workplace, says University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 1 June 2022 – Abortion, Politics, Supreme Court, United States, Women's Rights

    Overturning history

    June could see the legal overturning of Roe v. Wade which gave American women control over their fertility, bodies and lives says University of Melbourne expert

  7. 30 May 2022 – Ethics, Healthcare, Law, Medical, Technology

    How to make it ok to record medical appointments

    While some people record medical appointments in secret, new University of Melbourne-led research is seeking to support patients and providers to do so openly

  8. 26 May 2022 – Indigenous Politics, Law, National Reconciliation Week, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory

    Hearing the white noise

    We need to go beyond the institutional hypocrisy of Reconciliation Week and start addressing the racism in our law system, says University of Melbourne expert

  9. 23 May 2022 – Artificial Intelligence, Digital, Digital Ethics, Privacy, Technology

    The AI pretenders

    As artificial intelligence advances, University of Melbourne experts ask whether we should be concerned about robots and virtual bots pretending to be human.