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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 18 March 2024 – Building and Planning, Contracts, Economics, Infrastructure, Victoria

    Three ways to avoid mega projects going way over budget

    Big projects are almost always over budget, but in Australia the cost often blows out hugely. There are ways to fix this says a University of Melbourne expert

  2. 5 March 2024 – Humanitarian, International Women's Day 2024, Red Cross, Refugees, Wars

    I’ve seen war and beyond the horror lies a shared humanity

    Being a humanitarian worker in conflict exposes you to the worst and best of humanity says University of Melbourne expert on International Women's Day.

  3. 5 March 2024 – Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Royal Commission, Wellbeing

    People with experience of mental health conditions should be paid to help others

    People with lived experience of mental health conditions should be employed to help turbocharge system-wide reform says University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 8 February 2024 – Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Law, Swiftposium, Taylor Swift, Twitter

    ‘Picture to burn’: The law probably won’t protect Taylor (or other women) from deepfakes

    Legal redress is hard to come by – even if you're Taylor Swift – if you're a victim of an AI deepfake pornography and abuse, says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 5 February 2024 – Advertising, Casino Industry, Facebook, Gambling, Social Media

    The Facebook trick online gambling is using to target Australians

    University of Melbourne research has found some overseas online casinos are illegally targeting Australians using Facebook ads – and it’s a big problem.

  6. 8 January 2024 – Genocide, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Law, Vladimir Putin

    How does the International Court of Justice differ from the International Criminal Court?

    The Hague has two international courts, but they have very different remits, explains a University of Melbourne expert

  7. 15 December 2023 – Ancient Rome, Common Law, Contracts, France , India

    Resolving contract disputes uses principles both ancient and cosmopolitan

    All societies make agreements, so contract law is the perfect site to discover intercultural notions of justice, says University of Melbourne expert

  8. 14 December 2023 – COP28, Climate Change, Finance, Fossil Fuels, Melbourne Climate Futures

    COP28 wrap up: Some positives but fossil fuel phase out remains elusive

    University of Melbourne PhD students working in climate-related research give their reflections on the COP28 climate change conference

  9. 11 December 2023 – Australia India Institute, Australian Foreign Affairs, India, International Relations, Security

    The UK’s Indo-Pacific ‘tilt’ is good for Australia and India ties

    The UK’s increasing interest in Indo-Pacific adds a trusted partner to help respond to shared regional security challenges, says University of Melbourne expert.