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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 19 November 2018 – Ethics, Healthcare, Legal System, Paediactrics, Type 1 Diabetes

    DIY diabetes management: An ethical dilemma

    University of Melbourne researchers are investigating the ethics of DIY technologies for managing Type 1 Diabetes, known as the 'artificial pancreas'.

  2. 13 November 2018 – Death, Ethics, Euthanasia, Palliative Care, Voluntary Assisted Dying

    Navigating assisted dying in Victoria

    When voluntary assisted dying becomes legal next year in Australia's Victoria, there will be some key ethical considerations says University of Melbourne expert

  3. 30 October 2018 – Cricket, Sport and Culture, Sports, Sports Corruption, Sports Law

    Why ‘winning without counting the costs’ must end

    The review of Cricket Australia's culture and governance has implications for all Australian sports, argues a University of Melbourne sports law expert.

  4. 24 October 2018 – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Discrimination, Robots, Technology

    Why does artificial intelligence discriminate?

    University of Melbourne experts say creating more inclusive AI is unlikely to succeed unless people who've been historically excluded or ignored are included.

  5. 7 October 2018 – Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, Restraints, United Nations

    Coercion in mental health care: Finding a new way

    University of Melbourne researchers have identified practices from around the world that aim to reduce coercion in mental health care settings, for a UN report.

  6. 30 September 2018 – Academics, Education, Freedom, Higher Education, Universities

    It’s complicated: Academic freedom and freedom of speech

    Academic freedom and freedom of speech are sacred for universities; but this responsibility is often complex according to a University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 25 September 2018 – Banking, Banking Royal Commission, Crime, Finance, Regulations

    Misleading conduct? So what!

    The Banking Royal Commission has shown us that disregard for the rule of law needs tougher penalties and rules, according to a University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 11 September 2018 – Athletes, Law, Sports, Sports Corruption, Sports Law

    Why international sports regulation needs reform

    The bodies that regulate international sports, like FIFA and the IOC, are not representative and need an overhaul, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  9. 5 September 2018 – Australia, Big Tobacco, Cigarettes, Law, Smoking

    Big tobacco vs Australia’s plain packaging

    A University of Melbourne expert explores Big Tobacco's ongoing litigation, currently with the WTO, aimed at impeding Australia's cigarette plain packaging laws

  10. Podcast3 September 2018 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Australian Indigenous History, Constitution, Indigenous, Uluru Statement of the Heart

    Fighting for recognition

    In this episode of the University of Melbourne's Policy Shop podcast, Moana Jackson and Shireen Morris discuss Indigenous self-determination, and how to get it.