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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 19 July 2018 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Australia, Australian Politics, Indigenous Politics, Uluru Statement of the Heart

    The Uluru Statement from the Heart: Why I have hope

    Although the government rejected the Uluru Statement of the Heart, a University of Melbourne academic finds there's reason to hope for indigenous recognition.

  2. 12 July 2018 – Contracts, Employment, Fair Work, Minimum Wage, Work

    Tackling underpayment in cleaning supply chains

    Complicated outsourcing arrangements can undermine workplace rights, exposing the need for better solutions and incentives says a University of Melbourne expert

  3. 9 July 2018 – Australian Politics, Elections, Politics, Sexism, Women

    Sexism, women and Australian politics

    A University of Melbourne expert says David Leyonhjelm's sexist comment to Sarah Hanson-Young should ignite a fire in Australian women to get into politics.

  4. 17 June 2018 – Australia, Australian Indigenous History, Indigenous Politics, Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Uluru Statement of the Heart

    Duty and honour at the heart of Indigenous recognition

    The Uluru Statement of the Heart would put a duty on Australian Governments to consult with Indigenous Australians, as has been already done in Canada and NZ.

  5. 29 May 2018 – Banking Code of Conduct, Banking Royal Commission, Business Lending, Consumer Protection, Loan Guarantor

    When families and money don’t mix

    Parents can be vulnerable acting as guarantors of their child’s business loan – a University of Melbourne expert says we need better ways to support decisions

  6. 24 May 2018 – Australia, Constitution, Constitutional, Federation, Law

    A Constitution shaped by distance

    Australia is a big country, as well as globally remote; University of Melbourne experts look at what role distance has played in our constitutional development.

  7. 17 May 2018 – Constitution, Democracy, Election Watch, Elections, Malaysia

    Malaysia’s remarkable election outcome

    Malaysia's election results surprised many; University of Melbourne experts examine the unexpected outcome through a lens of constitutional rights and the law.

  8. 6 May 2018 – Advertising, Consumer Protection, Data, Facebook, Law

    They’re using my face

    The Cambridge Analytica saga highlights the problem of misleading conduct: University of Melbourne experts say profit stripping offenders may protect consumers.

  9. Podcast24 April 2018 – Environment, Law, Legal System, Nature, Preservation

    The legal rights of rivers

    In this episode of the University of Melbourne's Eavesdrop on Experts podcast, environmental law expert Erin O'Donnell explains the legal rights of rivers.

  10. 22 April 2018 – Children, Circumcision, Ethics, Law, Surgery

    Iceland’s proposed circumcision ban

    Iceland could become the first European country to ban male circumcision; University of Melbourne experts look at the ethical and legal issues at stake.