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Informative commentary on legal issues and advances in Victorian, Federal and international law.

  1. 6 June 2017 – Dementia, Drugs, Mental Health, Regulations, Restraints

    Chemical restraint: Behind locked doors

    Chemical restraint, often used to control people with disabilities and dementia, needs to be monitored and regulated argues a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 6 June 2017 – International law, Refugees, Statelessness, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    Nowhere people have a right to somewhere

    The University of Melbourne's law school is to host a new research centre devoted to ending statelessness, backed by philanthropists Peter and Ruth McMullin

  3. 2 June 2017 – Australian Indigenous History, High Court, Indigenous, Indigenous Land Management, Law

    Marking Mabo: How has Native Title changed since the landmark ruling?

    25 years on from the milestone Mabo ruling in Australia's High Court, University of Melbourne experts reflect on native title, and its legal standing.

  4. 18 May 2017 – Australian Indigenous History, Constitution

    Q&A: Recognising Australia’s first peoples ... properly

    Australia's debate on how to Constitutionally recognise its first peoples is culminating. University of Melbourne's Professor Adrienne Stone talks us through it

  5. 16 May 2017 – Consumer Law, Consumer Protection, E-commerce, Online Shopping

    Putting the “E” into e-consumer protection

    Online consumer protections haven’t kept pace with e-commerce technology; University of Melbourne research finds new technologies could provide new safeguards.

  6. 15 May 2017 – Criminal Law, Law, Lawyers, Privacy, State crime

    Keeping up with the droneses: How criminal laws deal with new technology

    New technologies like drones pose a challenge for criminal law; a University of Melbourne expert explains the Law must keep pace with society's shifting values.

  7. 14 May 2017 – Digital, Education, Future, Law, Lawyers

    Digital disruption and the Law

    The legal profession is experiencing digital disruption. Dean of the University of Melbourne Law School, Carolyn Evans, argues legal education must adapt too.

  8. 26 April 2017 – Brexit, Britain, Election Watch, Elections, Theresa May

    Q&A: The UK election and the Brexit big picture

    As British PM Theresa May announces a snap UK election to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks, the University of Melbourne puts the key questions to an expert.

  9. 20 April 2017 – Environment, Himalayas, India, Legal system, Preservation

    Will giving the Himalayas the same rights as people protect their future?

    As the Himalayas are granted the same legal rights as a person, the University of Melbourne looks at what that means for the protection of the environment.

  10. 19 April 2017 – Elections, Indonesia, Jakarta, Politics, Protest

    Blasphemy, treason and democracy: Jakarta goes to the polls

    Indonesian voters are at the polls to elect a new governor of Jakarta, the University of Melbourne's Tim Lindsey talks through the religious and racial tensions