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  1. 12 March 2020 – Asia, China, Donald Trump, South China Sea

    A superpower in transition

    A new essay by a University of Melbourne expert explores how a resurgent China is challenging the Indo-Pacific and testing the Australia-United States alliance

  2. 5 March 2020 – 2020 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Elections, Politics, United States

    Five takeaways from Super Tuesday

    A University of Melbourne expert says the race for the Democratic nomination in the US presidential nomination has narrowed after a surprising Super Tuesday.

  3. 13 February 2020 – Asia, Asialink, Cities, Cultural Diplomacy, Diplomacy

    Asia’s most eligible cities

    City alliances are important for diplomacy but University of Melbourne experts say Australian cities have overlooked some Asian metropolises. Here's their top 5

  4. 29 January 2020 – 2020 US Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Sciences, US Presidents

    Is Donald Trump anti-science? The data says yes

    Donald Trump’s hostility to science is confirmed in an analysis of past and present US Presidential words and actions, say University of Melbourne experts.

  5. 19 January 2020 – Australian Politics, Leadership, McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership, Mike Baird

    Mike Baird: The value of authenticity

    Former New South Wales Premier Mike Baird says political leaders need a broad vision which gets people off the couch and cabinet ministers out of their chairs.

  6. 17 January 2020 – 2024, Elections, Russia, Russian Presidency, Vladimir Putin

    How Putin is devising his exit plan

    Proposed reforms weakening the Russian president's authority hints Vladimir Putin is considering life as an ex president, a University of Melbourne expert says

  7. 23 December 2019 – Brexit, Democracy, Europe, European Union, UK General Election 2019

    The tectonics of the British election

    It was a stunning victory for Boris Johnson in the UK general election; University of Melbourne experts explore what that tells us about 21st Century politics.

  8. 6 December 2019 – Brexit, Britain, Immigration, Politics, UK General Election 2019

    Party promises and immigration policies

    The main party’s manifestos in the UK general election tell us we're likely to see a turning point for immigration policy, says a University of Melbourne expert

  9. 20 November 2019 – Brexit, Britain, Politics, UK General Election 2019, United Kingdom

    The sound and fury of Britain’s election

    The United Kingdom is counting down to a truly unpredictable election; a University of Melbourne expert outlines the battle lines between the political parties.