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  1. 24 August 2017 – 2017 German Federal Election, Angela Merkel, Asylum Seekers, Election Watch, Refugees

    Merkel’s refugee stance paying off ahead of German election

    Chancellor Angela Merkel is successfully weathering the politics of refugees and should win a fourth term in German election says University of Melbourne expert

  2. 17 August 2017 – Australia, Electricity, Energy, Prices, Renewable Energy

    Is re-regulation the solution to Australia’s electricity price shock?

    As electricity retailers report back to the Government and ACCC over proposals to make power more affordable - should re-regulating the market be an option?

  3. 16 August 2017 – Australia, Conflict, Foreign Policy, North Korea, Peace

    Australia’s strategic steps before any North Korean conflict

    A University of Melbourne expert explores the steps the Australian government will exhaust before entering into a conflict with North Korea as a US ally.

  4. 16 August 2017 – Constitution, Law, Plebiscite, Referendum, Same Sex Marriage

    Australia’s referendum drought

    As Australians prepare for a postal vote on marriage equality, the University of Melbourne looks at whether Australia needs more plebiscites and referendums.

  5. Podcast11 August 2017 – Democracy, Elections, Government, Media, Politics

    Phantom democracies

    Political thinker John Keane on the rise of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, social media and economic growth to win over the public.

  6. 11 July 2017 – Donald Trump, Policy, Politics, Twitter, United States

    Trump and the decline of the virtuous presidency

    The Founding Fathers' ideals for the office of President included dignity and virtue; Donald Trump doesn't uphold these, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 10 July 2017 – Donald Trump, Europe, European Union, Eurozone, Populism

    Crises in the EU: What does the future hold?

    The European Union is navigating multiple challenges in the face of large debts and rising populism. University of Melbourne experts ask what the future holds.

  8. 22 June 2017 – ASEAN, Asia, European Union, International affairs, Politics

    Should the EU be considered a model for ASEAN?

    As the EU and ASEAN celebrate 40 years of relations, the University of Melbourne looks at whether ASEAN should look to the EU as a role model of integration?

  9. 20 June 2017 – Brexit, Britain, Politics, Populism, UK General Election 2017

    Why British Labour voters stayed true to their roots

    The UK Conservative Party failed to woo the working class in the north of England who voted to 'leave' in Brexit. A University of Melbourne expert explains why.

  10. 20 June 2017 – Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Personal safety, Security, Technology

    Can CCTV help prevent family violence?

    CCTV has been touted as a way to prevent serious threats of family violence, but University of Melbourne research asks whether it provides a false security?