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  1. 19 April 2017 – Asia, Asialink, Australia, Foreign Policy, Government

    Australia’s Foreign Policy for Dangerous Times

    As Australia prepares its first Foreign Policy White Paper in more than a decade, the University of Melbourne looks at the need to strengthen ties with Asia.

  2. 19 April 2017 – Elections, Indonesia, Jakarta, Politics, Protest

    Blasphemy, treason and democracy: Jakarta goes to the polls

    Indonesian voters are at the polls to elect a new governor of Jakarta, the University of Melbourne's Tim Lindsey talks through the religious and racial tensions

  3. 7 April 2017 – 2017 French Presidential Election, Europe, Eurozone, Politics, Populism

    France’s presidential campaign: A strategy of fear versus a strategy of opportunity

    The 2017 French presidential election campaign is witnessing the French public falling into two main camps, just like with Trump in the US and Brexit in the UK.

  4. 4 April 2017 – Brexit, Donald Trump, Populism, Universities

    Are universities part of the populism problem?

    Universities are key drivers of educated debate, so with democracy in crisis amid rising populism and inequality, what have they been doing and where do they ne

  5. 3 April 2017 – 2017 French Presidential Election, Brexit, Donald Trump, Europe, Populism

    Four reasons Marine Le Pen probably won’t become French president

    Le Pen is a leading candidate in the 2017 French presidential election but a number of factors, including corruption charges, mean she is unlikely to win.

  6. 30 March 2017 – 2017 French Presidential Election, Brexit, Democracy, Dutch Election 2017, Europe

    Is populism pushing Europe’s left-wing parties into long-term decline?

    To challenge the rise the populist Right in some European countries, the Left needs a stronger vision, like social democratic parties had in the Post-War years.

  7. 24 March 2017 – 2017 French Presidential Election, Cyber-attack, European Union, Russia, Vladimir Putin

    Russia’s meddling in the French elections: How and why?

    Vladimir Putin's potential influence over elections in Western Europe are part of his goal to weaken NATO and return Russia to Superpower status.

  8. 23 March 2017 – Democracy, Equality, Happiness, Nordic Countries, World Happiness Report 2017

    Why Nordic countries top the happiness league

    It is no coincidence that Nordic countries topped the ratings in the Happiness Report 2017 – they explicitly invest in and promote equality.

  9. 21 March 2017 – 2016 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Politics, US President, White House

    The creeping influence of lobbyists in Washington

    Draining the 'Washington swamp' of lobbyists was one of Donald Trump's core campaign pledges but since taking office he has increased their access and influence

  10. 16 March 2017 – Brexit, Donald Trump, Dutch Election 2017, Europe, Geert Wilders

    Dutch election results are the opposite of Trump-like populism

    The 2017 Dutch election can be viewed as a victory for democracy, with parties from across the political spectrum possible candidates for coalition government.