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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 21 September 2023 – Food, Mars, Senses, Space, Space travel

    You can’t explore the solar system on an empty stomach

    Australian research could provide vital fresh, nutritious and delicious meals for astronauts on Moon and Mars missions, says University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 17 August 2023 – Cooking, Food Sciences, National Science Week, Senses, Smell

    The science of flavour

    Enjoying food is more than just taste, it uses all your senses (yes, even your hearing), says a University of Melbourne expert

  3. 14 August 2023 – Climate Change, Fires, National Science Week, Public Health, Risk

    As we head toward summer, let’s rethink Australia’s bushfire risk

    With wildfires and heavy smoke affecting the US and Europe, a new fire management framework can help Australia understand its risk

  4. 8 August 2023 – Food poisoning , Fungi, Mushrooms, Poison, Toxins

    Mushrooms are delicious, but potentially deadly

    Mushroom poisoning is a growing problem as people go foraging, so buying them is the only really safe way to avoid it, explains a University of Melbourne expert

  5. 14 July 2023 – Climate Change, Conservation, Coral, Great Barrier Reef, Nature Restoration

    Restoring coral reefs by hedging our bets

    Coral reef restoration needs corals with traits that, combined, underpin resilience, persistence, and ecosystem services, says a University of Melbourne expert

  6. 12 July 2023 – Air Pollutants, Insects, Particles, Pollution, Zoology

    Air pollution makes it harder for insects to find food and mates

    Air pollution particles affect insect antennae function and may be a driver of global declines in insect populations, finds a University of Melbourne-led study.

  7. 3 July 2023 – Australian Wildlife, Climate Change, Ecology, Forests, Trees

    The great tree census of 2023

    Australia has joined the Forest Global Earth Observatory after University of Melbourne researchers spent 15 months measuring 51,324 trees across 16 hectares.

  8. 5 June 2023 – Disease, Food, Food poisoning , World Health Organization, safety

    Everyone has a part to play in food safety

    The WHO's World Food Safety Day reminds us we can all help prevent illness from food-borne disease with simple steps, says a University of Melbourne expert

  9. 31 May 2023 – Australian Indigenous Education, Higher Education, Indigenous, National Reconciliation Week, Universities

    New education pathways for Indigenous Australians

    Universities need to recognise and support the diverse ways that Indigenous people develop, produce and translate knowledge, says University of Melbourne expert