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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 24 March 2017 – Engineering, Sanitation, Wastewater, Water, Water Management

    Taking the sludge out of wastewater

    Finding better ways to separate liquids from solids when treating wastewater means the costs of sanitation can be reduced, making it globally available.

  2. 24 March 2017 – Aerodynamics, Fuel efficiency, Life on the Line, Physics, Resistance

    The physics that stops a bullet also makes your car more fuel efficient

    Knowing the physics of resistance helps engineers design faster cars and bikes, and explains why Todd Sampson survives being shot underwater in Life on the Line

  3. 23 March 2017 – Biodiversity, Bushfires, Ecology

    Managing bushfires for safety and biodiversity

    Forest fires destroy but also create habitats, forcing forest managers into a tricky balancing act. Fire researchers are now developing models to help them.

  4. 16 March 2017 – Bearded Dragon, Biological, Evolution, Lizards, Reptiles

    Lizards keep it local when it comes to colour change

    Bearded dragons are better at adapting to colours in their local environment than unfamiliar colours, but they will still have a go at finding a new one.

  5. 7 March 2017 – Affordability, Electricity, Energy, Geography

    You snooze you lose in Victoria’s electricity market

    A deregulated, competitive electricity market is great for consumers prepared to work to get the best deals, but hurts those who can least afford it

  6. 19 February 2017 – Agriculture, Crops, Genetics, Genomics, Quinoa

    Finding quinoa’s sweet spot to feed the world

    The sequencing of the quinoa genome has created an opportunity to breed a quinoa plant that isn't just a superfood, but a sustainable super crop.

  7. 15 February 2017 – Astronomy, Astrophysics, Black Holes, Physics, Space

    Supermassive black hole controls star birth

    A supermassive black hole 5.7 billion light years away is producing hundreds of stars every year by apparently regulating bursts of hot gases

  8. 10 February 2017 – Astrophysics, Hidden Figures, Mathematics, NASA, Women In Science

    Equality in science: A mission still not accomplished

    In the 1960s three African-American women helped put astronauts into orbit. Hidden Figures tells their story, but women in science are still battling inequality

  9. 9 February 2017 – Hormones, Love, Relationships, Sex, Valentine's Day

    The science behind love songs

    Valentine's Day is full of love songs. This is how love works on our mind, body and soul ... and why we want to write beautiful music about it.

  10. 1 February 2017 – Biomedicine, Brain, Chemistry, Motor Neuron Disease

    Breakthrough in motor neurone disease research gives hope

    Copper could hold the key to a new treatment for those affected by Motor Neurone Disease, giving hope to those suffering from this devastating disease