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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 9 September 2017 – Drag, Mathematics, Physics, Resistance, Sciences

    Life’s a drag, unless you live in a bubble

    An international team led by the University of Melbourne has shown objects can sink in water with close to zero drag, proving an 18th century physics theory.

  2. 4 September 2017 – Biodiversity, Bushfires, Climate Change, Snow Gums, Victorian Alps

    Recurring fires are threatening the iconic snow gum

    The higher incidence of bushfires in recent years has devastated the snow gum population in the Victorian Alps, University of Melbourne research has found.

  3. 3 September 2017 – Allergies, Asthma, Hay fever, Melbourne Pollen Count, Pollen

    Thunderstorm asthma: Counting pollen to save lives

    With the 2016 thunderstorm asthma event still fresh in our memories, the University of Melbourne provides data to help hay fever sufferers manage their symptoms

  4. 29 August 2017 – Environment, Health, Iron Ore , Mercury, Pollution

    Isolating mercury to protect food chains

    A new technique co-developed by a University of Melbourne academic isolates different forms of mercury based on their risk to the food chain and the environment

  5. 23 August 2017 – Agriculture, Crops, Environment, Fertiliser, Manure

    The power of recycled poo

    A study, led by the University of Melbourne, finds that animal poo does a better job than synthetic fertilisers for many crops and reduces nitrogen pollution.

  6. 17 August 2017 – Animal Welfare, Aquaculture, Deafness, Fish, Fish Farms

    Farmed salmon are deaf – and now we know why

    University of Melbourne scientists have discovered why farmed salmon are three times more likely to be deaf; raising concerns over animal welfare in aquaculture

  7. 17 August 2017 – Astronomy, Astrophysics, Black Holes, Galaxies, Space

    Supermassive black holes feed on cosmic jellyfish

    A University of Melbourne astronomer joined an international team observing jellyfish galaxies 'feed' supermassive blackholes - watching our Universe evolve.

  8. 9 August 2017 – Anaesthesia, Climate Change, Gas, Greenhouse Gases, Surgery

    Surgeons go green: Recycling general anaesthetic

    University of Melbourne technology captures anaesthetic gas and recycles it, reducing greenhouse gases and maybe make wonder gas xenon a viable anaesthethic

  9. 8 August 2017 – Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Physics, Quantum Physics, Sciences, Technology

    Spinning diamonds for quantum precision

    University of Melbourne physicists have discovered a way to protect highly sensitive quantum sensors from external magnetic fields by spinning diamonds.