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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 30 November 2023 – COP28, Climate Change, Finance, Middle East, United Nations

    COP28 is a global stocktake of climate change

    This year’s UN climate change conference (COP28) could disappoint or deliver meaningful actions, say University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 17 November 2023 – Agriculture, Climate Change, Fertility, Plastics, Pollution

    From diet to climate, our fertility is at risk

    A childhood fascination with the family dairy farm led University of Melbourne Associate Professor Mark Green to a career in reproductive biology

  3. 24 October 2023 – Astronomy, Chemistry, James Webb Space Telescope, Space, Universe

    The great mystery of interstellar chemistry

    University of Melbourne researchers are replicating the cold vacuum of space to study how interstellar molecules are produced and what they’re made of.

  4. 18 October 2023 – Cognitive Behaviour , Critical Thinking, Decision-making, Psychology, Sports

    Sports coaches make these seven kinds of decisions

    Understanding the seven decision types sports coaches make (with strengths and pitfalls) helps us all make better choices, say University of Melbourne experts

  5. 13 October 2023 – Fertility, Global Health, IVF, Men's Health, Reproduction

    Male infertility may be the world’s ‘canary down a coal mine’

    A global team of experts including from the University of Melbourne has made ten recommendations to urgently tackle the worldwide decline in male fertility.

  6. 6 October 2023 – Cities, Climate, Environmental Design, Green Spaces, Urban Design

    When it’s hot in the city, let green spaces do the sweating for you

    Where you live determines access to the benefits of urban green spaces, but that shouldn’t be the case with better design, says University of Melbourne expert.

  7. 3 October 2023 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Australian Politics, Constitution, Ecology, Indigenous Voice to Parliament

    I’ve seen the value of The Voice in action

    Working in the Tiwi Islands, where Tiwi decisions are in Tiwi hands, shows me the value of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament says University of Melbourne expert

  8. 21 September 2023 – Food, Mars, Senses, Space, Space travel

    You can’t explore the solar system on an empty stomach

    Australian research could provide vital fresh, nutritious and delicious meals for astronauts on Moon and Mars missions, says University of Melbourne expert.

  9. 19 September 2023 – Climate Change, Drought, Fires, Resilience, Summer

    Facing the flames of complacency

    Extreme heat and fires in the Northern Hemisphere is a wakeup call for an Australia on the brink of a difficult fire season, say University of Melbourne experts