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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 27 November 2018 – Ecology, Ecosystem Forest Sciences, Greenhouse Gases, Insects, Methane

    How a termite’s mound filters methane (and what it means for greenhouse gases)

    New University of Melbourne research find that although termites produce methane, half of their greenhouse gas emissions are filtered by their mounds.

  2. 22 November 2018 – Adaption, Climate change, Conservation, Native Animals, Native Vegetation

    Tracking the climate threat to Australia’s unique ecosystems

    Australia's biodiversity is under threat from climate change; University of Melbourne research has identified 8 case studies of how our ecosystems are changing.

  3. 22 November 2018 – Climate change, Fossils, Human Evolution, Isotope Geochemistry

    Human evolutionary history takes a rain check

    By dating the rock in between the fossil layers in Africa’s 'Cradle of Humankind' University of Melbourne researchers are shedding new light on our evolution.

  4. 19 November 2018 – Australia, Australian Politics, Electricity, Energy, Renewable Energy

    If all else fails, do the conventional thing

    Government intervention in our National Electricity Market is now common; a University of Melbourne expert warns that without a national approach, we're at risk

  5. 16 November 2018 – COP21 talks, Climate Change, Emissions, Global Warming, Paris Agreement

    Who’s running late for the Paris Agreement?

    University of Melbourne research asks whether to limit global warming - countries should lower their emissions’ target to meet their climate change commitments.

  6. 5 November 2018 – Algorithms, Lectures, Mathematics, STEM, Teaching

    Stress testing algorithms

    University of Melbourne academic Professor Kate Smith-Miles uses mathematical questions and algorithms to find the best way to making the world a better place.

  7. 26 October 2018 – Biodiversity, DNA, Extinction, Native Animals, Threatened Species

    On the DNA trail of the platypus

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne are embarking on the largest ever investigation into platypus distribution, using environmental DNA samples.

  8. 24 October 2018 – Biodiversity, Botany, History, Plants, Preservation

    The stories of Australia’s botanical biodiversity

    The University of Melbourne Herbarium has an estimated 150,000 specimens, each with their own story to tell and now the collection is available online.

  9. 17 October 2018 – Computer Science, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics

    Lifting the lid on quantum computing

    University of Melbourne software for learning quantum computer programming means students can see inside a quantum computer and start using the 'weird' physics.

  10. 13 October 2018 – Climate, Climate Change, Global Warming, Ocean Temperatures, Polar

    What the past can tell us about the future of climate change

    The high temperatures of the Last Interglacial warmed our climate. Now a study with University of Melbourne finds out what the past can tell us about the future