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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 5 November 2017 – Climate Change, Extreme weather, Migration, Pacific, Refugees

    The future of climate refugees

    As COP23 begins in Bonn, a University of Melbourne expert says Fiji's role at the UN could be vital for the future of climate change refugees and displacement.

  2. 4 November 2017 – Criminal Law, DNA, Juries, Justice, Mathematics

    How convincing is a Y-chromosome profile match?

    Y chromosome profiles are used in sexual assault cases but can confuse juries; a new approach from the University of Melbourne will help clarify this evidence.

  3. 26 October 2017 – Archaeology, Art, History, Sciences, Technology

    The hi-tech archaeological scientists

    Archaeological science combines technology and history to answer ancient questions; a new University of Melbourne chair looks to advance those specialist skills

  4. 22 October 2017 – Animals, Extinction, Genetics, Marsupials, Threatened Species

    Coming to the genetic rescue of our endangered marsupials

    A technique of genetic rescue developed by University of Melbourne researchers is bringing some of Australia's endangered marsupials back from the brink.

  5. 20 October 2017 – Biology, Body Clock, Botany, Circadian Rhythms, Plants

    The chemical that tells plants when it’s time to sleep

    Ethylene, the hormone responsible for fruit ripening, also helps regulate plants' circadian rhythms, University of Melbourne research has found.

  6. 18 October 2017 – Animal Welfare, Aquaculture, Fish, Fish Farms, Parasites

    Helping fish fight their own battles

    University of Melbourne researchers have discovered what behaviours fish use to naturally avoid parasites, which will help develop healthier fish farms.

  7. 13 October 2017 – Animals, Biodiversity, Bioscience, Black Saturday, Bushfires

    The opportunists after the fires

    University of Melbourne research finds a dramatic increase in feral predators after fires, making some native Australian animals even more vulnerable.

  8. 11 October 2017 – Design, Engineering, Mathematics, Mining, Software

    Using maths to map mines deep underground

    Software, created by University of Melbourne researchers, takes its inspiration from microchips to design underground tunnel networks for the mining industry.

  9. 2 October 2017 – Climate, Ecosystem Forest Sciences, Forests, Trees, Women In Science

    Written in King Billy’s tree rings: 1700 years of climate history

    University of Melbourne researchers have published a 1700 year tree ring chronology from King Billy pines in Tasmania, offering insights into climate history.

  10. 9 September 2017 – Drag, Mathematics, Physics, Resistance, Sciences

    Life’s a drag, unless you live in a bubble

    An international team led by the University of Melbourne has shown objects can sink in water with close to zero drag, proving an 18th century physics theory.