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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 26 June 2018 – Computer Science, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, Quantum Sensing, Qubits

    Quantum leap in computer simulation

    University of Melbourne physicists have successfully simulated a quantum computer faster than any real prototype in a key step to help us become quantum-ready.

  2. 11 June 2018 – Blood, Decision-making, Psychology, Science Gallery Melbourne

    Does the smell of blood make us hungry?

    Does smelling the scent of blood make us hungry, even for vegetables? Maybe, says an exploratory pilot study run by University of Melbourne research students

  3. 8 June 2018 – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Health, Respiratory diseases, Surgery, Tonsil

    What are the long-term health risks of having your tonsils out?

    For the first time, University of Melbourne researchers have identified the long-term health risks of removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood.

  4. 7 June 2018 – Agriculture, Blowfly, Genes, Genetics, Sheep

    Fighting back against the Australian blowfly

    University of Melbourne scientists have collected blowflies from farms across Australia as part of efforts to develop a vaccine to protect sheep from flystrike.

  5. 6 June 2018 – Critical Thinking, Crowdsourcing, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), Intelligence Agencies

    Crowdsourcing security intelligence

    Inspired by how bees make collective decisions, University of Melbourne researchers are exploring how crowdsourcing techniques may help intelligence analysis

  6. 6 June 2018 – Cellular, Plants, Trees, Water, Wood

    Finding the building blocks of wood

    An international team, including University of Melbourne scientists, is looking inside trees to learn exactly how wood is formed at the cellular level.

  7. 5 June 2018 – Animals, Light, Nocturnal, Urban Ecology, Urbanisation

    What happens to wildlife in a city that never sleeps?

    Lights have brightened our nights and urban wildlife is having to adapt; University of Melbourne research explores our light's impact on nocturnal urban animals

  8. 28 May 2018 – Cane Toads, Conservation, Evolution, Natural Selection, Quolls

    Speeding natural selection in the name of conservation

    University of Melbourne scientists are using breeding to genetically adapt quolls to resist toxic cane toads – if it works it may help other endangered species

  9. 14 May 2018 – Earthquake, Geology, Hawaii, Plate tectonics , Volcanoes

    The big picture of the Kilauea eruption

    A University of Melbourne expert explains what the eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano can tell us about what’s happening deep in the Earth’s crust.

  10. 1 May 2018 – Earth Sciences, Geology, Plate tectonics , Prehistoric, Volcanoes

    Why parts of Earth have barely changed in 3 billion years

    University of Melbourne geologists have shown how strong cratons formed billions of years ago, when Earth transitioned from a volcanic state to plate tectonics.