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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 16 March 2020 – Computer Science, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, Qubits, Technology

    Machine learning to scale up the quantum computer

    Machine learning could help precisely locate quantum bits; a crucial step for large-scale silicon quantum computers finds a University of Melbourne-led study.

  2. 13 March 2020 – Ageing, Animals, Dogs, Evolution, Species

    Why do small dogs live longer than big dogs?

    Larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones, but within the dog kingdom it pays to be small. A University of Melbourne expert explains what's going on.

  3. 13 March 2020 – Climate, Earth Sciences, Ice Age, Paleoclimatology, Polar

    What causes an ice age to end?

    New University of Melbourne research is solving one of the enigmas in palaeoclimatology – to understand why an ice age ended, we need to know when it ended.

  4. 10 March 2020 – Biomimicry, Microscopy, Nature, Quantum Physics, Quantum Sensing

    Magnetic teeth revealed using quantum imaging

    Tougher than stainless steel, magnetite is a biomineral in mollusc teeth; now imaged using quantum technology by scientists including University of Melbourne.

  5. 3 March 2020 – Marsupials, Native Animals, Pregnancy, Reproduction, Zoology

    The wallaby that's permanently pregnant

    The swamp wallaby is the the only mammal known to be pregnant and lactating throughout the female’s entire adult life finds new University of Melbourne research

  6. 25 February 2020 – Climate, Climate Change, Drought, Oceans, Weather

    When will Australia’s drought break?

    For drought-busting rains, we might just have to wait for the tropical oceans to serve up some moisture, finds new research including University of Melbourne.

  7. 21 February 2020 – Australia, Biodiversity, Bushfires, Climate Change, Extinction

    How do we protect our unique biodiversity from megafires?

    University of Melbourne experts say Australia's summer bushfires should remind us just how easily our unique biodiversity and ecosystems could be wiped out.

  8. 19 February 2020 – Archaeology, Australia, Indigenous, Oral History, Volcanoes

    Victoria’s volcanic history confirms the state’s Aboriginal inhabitation before 34,000 years

    New University of Melbourne research dating volcanic eruptions and Indigenous oral traditions gives us a new minimum age for human occupation in Victoria.

  9. 18 February 2020 – Agriculture, Borders, Disease, Environment, biosecurity

    The wicked risks of biosecurity

    As our world becomes increasingly connected, we need to manage the risk of introduced pests via targeted biosecurity efforts say University of Melbourne experts

  10. 10 February 2020 – Antarctica, Feminism, Gender, Sciences, Women In Science

    Challenging the climate of bias

    On International Day of Girls and Women in Science, a University of Melbourne expert who went on the largest all-woman expedition to Antarctica is optimistic