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Hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, this is a monthly podcast about public policy and the way it affects Australia and the world. Subscribe on iTunes or stream here on Pursuit. Follow @The_PolicyShop

  1. Listen17 March 2017 – Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Gender, Justice, Pornography

    Family violence: Ending the hidden crime

    Family violence has many causes, including societal attitudes towards women and many possible solutions, including attitudinal change programs and legal reform.

  2. Listen22 February 2017 – Democracy, Fake News, Future, Inequality, Optimism

    Why are we so angry?

    Why are we so angry, even though the world has never had it so good? Professor Peter Singer discusses what it means for the future.

  3. Listen23 December 2016 – Asylum Seekers, Public Policy, Refugees

    What is a refugee?

    As numbers of displaced people reach record levels around the world, nations have to find ways of dealing with the growing crisis.

  4. Listen9 December 2016 – Australian Economy, Business, Collaboration, Innovation

    Why Australia needs a business plan

    Australia's drop in the innovation rankings and the lack of collaboration between industry and universities are the focus of this episode of The Policy Shop.

  5. Listen30 November 2016 – Cass Sunstein, Government, Nudge, Policy, Richard Thaler, Taxes

    Have you been nudged today?

    Nudge Theory draws on human behaviour to create subtle policy 'nudges' that encourage people to make good or healthier choices. The Policy Shop investigates.

  6. Listen1 November 2016 – 2016 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

    The US Election – a policy free zone

    Policy issues account for less than nine per cent of media coverage and the presidential candidates’ qualifications for the Oval Office account for even less.

  7. Listen17 October 2016 – Homeless, Housing, Public Housing

    Homelessness in the World’s Most Liveable city

    The number of homeless people in Melbourne has increased dramatically. Could it now be time to take a new approach to solving the issue?

  8. Listen16 September 2016 – Refugees, Syria, United Nations

    ‘A crisis that very much has a child’s face’

    The war in Syria has sparked the largest forced migration crisis since the Second World War. Has policy failed refugees, and what should Australia's role be?

  9. Listen8 September 2016 – Literature, Offshore Detention, Public Policy, Refugees

    How can literature influence public policy?

    Has literature failed to elicit empathy for our fellow human beings? And are we asking too much of literature in an age of 140 characters or less?

  10. Listen2 September 2016 – Higher Education, New College of Humanities , Philosophy, University Fees

    A.C. Grayling on higher education

    Who should pay for university education? The taxpayer or student? Professor A.C. Grayling joins Professor Glyn Davis to discuss this and other campus issues.