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  1. 22 February 2024 - Health & Wellbeing

    We aren’t all equal when it comes to climate vulnerability

    A new index from the University of Melbourne measures social vulnerability against the health burden of climate change in Australia and shows vast inequalities.

  2. 30 November 2023 - Legal Affairs

    On the ground and hoping ambition triumphs at COP28

    University of Melbourne's Professor Jacqueline Peel is in Dubai for COP28 and hoping for positive progress towards achieving the Paris Agreement

  3. 27 November 2023 - Science Matters

    Human rights law demands climate change adaptation

    Supporting climate adaptation for vulnerable peoples is not a matter of aid but a legal obligation that must be met, say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 17 January 2022 - Animals, Food & You

    Using genetics to conserve wildlife

    Targeted Genetic Intervention may provide the opportunity to conserve species by altering their genetics to help them adapt, says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 10 September 2021 - Science Matters

    Sequenced quoll genome a new tool for conservation

    Newly sequenced Eastern Quoll genome could inform improved breeding programs to re-establish it on the Australian mainland says University of Melbourne research

  6. 22 November 2018 - Science Matters

    Tracking the climate threat to Australia’s unique ecosystems

    Australia's biodiversity is under threat from climate change; University of Melbourne research has identified 8 case studies of how our ecosystems are changing.

  7. 17 April 2017 - Science Matters

    Plants have feelings too

    Plants' skin helps them adapt to their environment, meaning they can respond to challenges like high winds and rocky soil, says a University of Melbourne expert