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  1. 25 March 2024 - Health & Wellbeing

    Sorry, those blue-blocking lenses probably won’t help your digital eye strain

    University of Melbourne research finds that blue light from digital screens does not cause eye strain and blue-blockers are not the solution

  2. 5 February 2024 - Legal Affairs

    The Facebook trick online gambling is using to target Australians

    University of Melbourne research has found some overseas online casinos are illegally targeting Australians using Facebook ads – and it’s a big problem.

  3. 10 June 2022 - Health & Wellbeing

    How fear-appeal advertising works

    Research shows that fear appeals in advertising can be effective in changing behaviour, but they need to be done well, says University of Melbourne expert

  4. 9 March 2022 - Health & Wellbeing

    Our love of sport is now a gateway to gambling

    New multi-million dollar fine on a betting company should spur us to finally disentangle gambling from our beloved sports, argue University of Melbourne experts

  5. 18 February 2021 - Legal Affairs

    Australia vs Facebook: Regulating the market of attention

    University of Melbourne experts say that Facebook’s move to block Australian users and publishers from viewing news all comes back to advertising revenue.

  6. Podcast11 November 2020 - Eavesdrop on Experts

    What makes super-viral content so shareable?

    Dr Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne collects memes. His research reveals the psychological triggers that evoke social media content sharing and why.

  7. 28 August 2020 - Health & Wellbeing

    Will the “hard-hitting” COVID-19 ads have the desired impact?

    Are the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 advertisements hard-hitting enough to change behaviour so we stick to the rules? asks a University of Melbourne expert

  8. 7 February 2020 - Inside Business

    Thinking about using donated eggs to start a family?

    In Australia, donating eggs is regulated, but in the US, it's more like online shopping. University of Melbourne experts explain the egg donor industry.

  9. 7 May 2019 - Inside Business

    The battle of the slogans

    As voters are bombarded by ads, a University of Melbourne marketing expert gives his verdict on which party has the most effective political campaign slogan.

  10. 6 May 2018 - Legal Affairs

    They’re using my face

    The Cambridge Analytica saga highlights the problem of misleading conduct: University of Melbourne experts say profit stripping offenders may protect consumers.