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  1. 25 July 2016 - Under the Microscope

    Building a society that thrives, not just survives

    We need to move beyond the concept of sustainability in relation to the built environment, and think about ways our society can not only survive, but thrive.

  2. 22 January 2016 - Design

    Merchant Builders: Celebrating a fifty-year legacy

    The fifty-year legacy of one of Australia's most influential project house-building companies has become the focus of a research project and exhibition.

  3. 25 November 2015 - Design

    Skyscrapers: How tall is too tall?

    Buildings are getting taller as technology advances, so we asked an expert – how high is too high?

  4. 21 October 2015 - Design

    Buildings that look like Beyoncé

    Architects have been designing buildings based on the female form for decades, long before Beyoncé's silhouette in her Ghost video clip inspired a skyscraper.

  5. 7 October 2015 - Humanities

    Send us baby food, board games - and some barmaids

    Newly-released Red Cross Australia records show the relief effort after Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin involved supplying all kinds of aid to residents.

  6. 5 October 2015 - Go Figure

    Why gargoyles and gryphons keep watch over cities

    From mythical beasts on churches to skilled stoneworks on rows of terraced houses, the design features of buildings map a city's history.

  7. 25 August 2015 - Design

    Sustainability hits the world stage

    Tanja Beer is showcasing sustainability ideas with the world's first edible, recyclable, biodegradable stage.

  8. Podcast25 August 2015 - Up Close

    Postmodernism: What is it good for?

    Literary theorist Brian McHale on the origins and trajectory of postmodernism, its role in our cultural expression, and its demise.

  9. 20 August 2015 - Music, Arts & Screen

    The heritage-listed Old Police Hospital is born again

    The former Victoria Police Hospital has been re-opened after a year-long refurbishment.

  10. 20 August 2015 - Music, Arts & Screen

    Teaching Workshop breaks new ground in design technology

    The VCA's Teaching Workshop has transcended from an industrial blue-collar workshop to become a cutting edge research facility.