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  1. 11 April 2017 - Environment

    Extreme weather: Why the impact will be felt more widely

    Climate change is increasing the incidents of extreme weather, including heatwaves and floods. University of Melbourne experts consider whether we're ready.

  2. 23 March 2017 - Science Matters

    Managing bushfires for safety and biodiversity

    Forest fires destroy but also create habitats, forcing forest managers into a tricky balancing act. Fire researchers are now developing models to help them.

  3. 24 February 2017 - Design

    Bushfires: have you treated your risks?

    Taking simple precautions can make all the difference when it comes to bushfire resilience.

  4. 28 November 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Black Saturday: the hidden costs

    A six-year study of the mental toll of Australia's worst bushfire, Black Saturday, shows the fallout lasts years but social ties are key to resilience.

  5. 17 August 2016 - Inside Business

    Bushfires: How politics is compromising safety

    As Australia's fire seasons become longer, more complex and damaging, an industrial dispute is the last thing fire-prone communities need.

  6. 27 June 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Helping survivors overcome disaster trauma

    Researchers will develop and pilot an online tool to identify and help survivors who are not coping with the aftermath of disasters.

  7. 27 January 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Dousing the flames: The new normal

    People who experience post-traumatic growth following a natural disaster don’t always return to 'normal'. Recovery can include both positive & negative outcomes

  8. 23 November 2015 - Inside Business

    Learning to learn from bushfires

    Finger pointing, blame and scapegoating after a devastating bushfire is not the answer. Looking forward and understanding the risks is the right way.

  9. 24 September 2015 - Science Matters

    The computer program that saved a town

    A fire ecologist and a programmer have teamed up to develop a tool that predicts a bushfire's path, allowing firefighters to better deploy their resources.