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  1. 15 November 2022 - Legal Affairs

    Rebuilding Victoria’s forgotten integrity institution

    Victorian voters rank political integrity as a key issue in the upcoming election – a University of Melbourne expert asks how public trust can be restored?

  2. 29 July 2021 - Humanities

    Why do anti-corruption campaigns fail in Pakistan?

    A University of Melbourne expert says to understand why anti-corruption campaigns fail in Pakistan, we must understand kinship and the impact of military rule.

  3. 17 September 2020 - Humanities

    Principles aren’t enough when human rights meet business

    The United Nation’s principles on business and human rights struggling in the face of material interests of those in power University of Melbourne experts warn.

  4. 27 September 2018 - Public Affairs

    Brazil elections: Is democracy itself on the ballot?

    With polarisation, intolerance and high levels of violence, a University of Melbourne expert says democracy itself is on the ballot in the Brazilian election.

  5. Podcast19 July 2017 - The Policy Shop

    Corruption and Australia’s Parliament

    This episode of the University of Melbourne's Policy Shop podcast examines the issue of corruption in Australian politics, and whether a new watchdog is needed.

  6. Podcast6 April 2017 - Up Close

    Crony capitalism Chinese style

    Professor Minxin Pei on collusive corruption in China, its root cause, and why a free media and liberal democracy may be the key elements to a lasting solution.

  7. 7 November 2016 - Public Affairs

    Rage against corruption

    People are aware of corruption and bribery as a global problem but what's needed is systemic change says a University of Melbourne expert.