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  1. 2 January 2024 - Humanities

    Local responses to global nomads

    Digital nomads are criticised for gentrifying local communities, but responses vary according to economic circumstances says a University of Melbourne expert

  2. 27 September 2023 - Music, Arts & Screen

    Working to preserve cultural tradition through technology

    Ngarluma man and University of Melbourne PhD Andrew Dowding’s research fuses innovation and heritage in digital mapping to empower Indigenous Australians.

  3. 20 June 2023 - Engineering & Technology

    Your phone, your emotions and everyday life

    Digital technology helps manage emotions, but we need better education on overuse and healthier ways of regulating feelings, say University of Melbourne experts

  4. 13 June 2023 - Humanities

    Shaping the future market for digital art

    Buying art in cryptocurrency has seen record-breaking prices followed by a crash, but there are ways to remove volatility, says a University of Melbourne expert

  5. 30 March 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    How digital devices can become weapons in our relationships

    Technology-facilitated abuse in relationships (TAR) weaponises digital devices; we must engage with perpetrators to stop it, say University of Melbourne experts

  6. 23 May 2022 - Legal Affairs

    The AI pretenders

    As artificial intelligence advances, University of Melbourne experts ask whether we should be concerned about robots and virtual bots pretending to be human.

  7. 23 March 2022 - Humanities

    A nomadic sense of home

    A University of Melbourne expert says that although home is often understood as a fixed point, nomadic communities remind us home can be cultivated anywhere.

  8. 31 August 2021 - Humanities

    The rise of the digital nomad

    University of Melbourne research finds countries around the world are seeking to attract a growing legion of digital nomads through new remote work visas.

  9. 1 August 2021 - Humanities

    India’s COVID-19 divide in digital learning

    India's COVID-19 pandemic highlights the inequalities faced by students, teachers and families trying to learn online, say University of Melbourne researchers.

  10. 15 April 2021 - Engineering & Technology

    If these walls could talk

    A University of Melbourne expert says the Digital Bricks at Science Gallery Melbourne fuse technology and architecture with Australia’s Indigenous culture.