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  1. 28 May 2024 - Learning & Teaching

    “For the first time, the curriculum in Australian classrooms has a focus on truth-telling”

    A new truth-telling book about the University of Melbourne's disturbing history emphasises the importance of incorporating truth-telling in school education.

  2. 19 April 2024 - Learning & Teaching

    Australian teachers shouldn’t be afraid to teach Indigenous Knowledge

    Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures curriculum priority needs well resourced teachers says University of Melbourne expert

  3. 22 February 2024 - Engineering & Technology

    Australian universities must prioritise Indigenous engineers

    Indigenous ingenuity has the skills modern engineers strive for. Universities must shift their higher education paradigm says University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 17 January 2024 - Learning & Teaching

    Blind faith in Australia’s education ‘system’ is failing our kids

    To improve Australia’s education system, we need to move away from the idea that the basic features of education are fixed, says University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 12 December 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    Do on-screen teachers help or hinder real-life recruitment?

    The ‘Be That Teacher’ campaign aims to help Australia’s teacher shortages, but could film and TV stereotypes help, asks a University of Melbourne expert.

  6. 23 November 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    Communication and education to mobilise global climate action

    Evidence-informed strategies for promoting global climate literacy and action are essential to address the climate crisis says University of Melbourne expert

  7. 21 November 2023 - Health & Medicine

    Australia needs to value Indigenous knowledge in medical education

    University of Melbourne PhD candidate Paul Saunders is bringing Indigenous and inter-cultural capabilities into medical practice to inspire generational change.

  8. 9 October 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    Helping more students ‘see themselves’ in the classroom

    Increasing the diversity of Australia’s teaching workforce hasn’t been a policy priority. University of Melbourne experts say it’s time for a rethink

  9. 1 September 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    Learning by knowing, by doing, by being

    A University of Melbourne expert says education cannot only focus on knowing and doing – it must explicitly embrace being to teach the 'whole child'.

  10. 21 August 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    School refusal needs a national response

    The recent Senate Inquiry rightly recommends a coordinated national approach to this growing national problem, say University of Melbourne experts