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  1. 3 July 2017 - Inside Business

    Australia’s energy trilemma explained

    A University of Melbourne expert explains Australia's energy trilemma: how to deliver energy that is affordable, environmentally sustainable and reliable.

  2. 19 June 2017 - Science Matters

    The exciting future of light energy

    The University of Melbourne is leading the Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science - which could potentially change how we meet the world's future energy needs

  3. 18 May 2017 - Science Matters

    Is the Australian gas shortfall a myth?

    Australia has been warned of blackouts as gas supplies run out, but University of Melbourne research questions whether the gas shortfall is as big as we think.

  4. 7 March 2017 - Science Matters

    You snooze you lose in Victoria’s electricity market

    A deregulated, competitive electricity market is great for consumers prepared to work to get the best deals, but hurts those who can least afford it

  5. 29 October 2016 - Science Matters

    Growing greener cities

    Planting gardens on office buildings will reduce inner-city temperatures and create energy savings – and improve workers’ moods.

  6. 29 October 2016 - Science Matters

    Making any surface solar

    Printable and flexible solar cells, which can turn almost any surface into a solar array, could provide a cheap and almost limitless energy supply.

  7. 12 February 2016 - Public Affairs

    Coal seam gas debate is more than hot air

    AGL announces it will quit exploring coal seam gas in Gloucester, New South Wales. What's really behind their decision?

  8. 18 January 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Can hackers turn off the lights?

    We all know cyber-criminals can steal our personal information, but what happens when hackers attack our power companies and other critical infrastructure?

  9. 19 October 2015 - Science Matters

    Printing the next generation of solar cells

    Flexible solar cells printed on A3-sized sheets that could provide cheap, almost limitless, energy are a reality after scientists and industry came together.

  10. 24 August 2015 - Inside Business

    Smart customers save

    Want to save on your energy bills? University of Melbourne researchers found that you can save up to $50 on bills just by being informed about your energy use.