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  1. 24 March 2017 - Under the Microscope

    Taking the sludge out of wastewater

    Finding better ways to separate liquids from solids when treating wastewater means the costs of sanitation can be reduced, making it globally available.

  2. 29 October 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Robots with a human touch

    Prosthetic arms that ‘talk to the brain’ may offer greater dexterity and sense of touch to people who have lost their limbs.

  3. 29 October 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Food that does not waste water

    Automated watering systems and in-ground sensors are helping farmers produce more crops by using less water, sometimes by half.

  4. 29 October 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Turning any water into drinking water

    A portable treatment plant the size of a shipping container could offer hope to communities without access to clean water.

  5. Podcast24 May 2016 - Up Close

    The secret life of shampoo

    An engineer's view of bubbles and droplets, and how their underlying physics and chemistry are important to a wide range of industrial processes.

  6. 26 April 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Keeping Antarctica clean

    Chemical engineers are restoring the balance in Antarctica, using innovative techniques to remove evidence of human habitation on the frozen continent.

  7. 16 March 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    A new leg to stand on

    Engineers are improving the lives of amputees in Vietnam with a unique project to create low-cost prosthetic legs in the space of one day

  8. Podcast10 February 2016 - Up Close

    In Pursuit podcast: Thought-controlled futures

    We talk to the developers of the stentrode, a new engineering marvel that allows brain activity to be recorded and used to control an exoskeleton.

  9. 14 December 2015 - Engineering & Technology

    Designing the materials of the future

    Why polymers are more than plastic and how research at the Polymers Lab is set to benefit our health and the environment.

  10. 11 November 2015 - Under the Microscope

    Anything but a drip: Working on the worldwide water crisis

    Professor Peter Scales on Australia's water resilience and new technologies to improve global water efficiencies.