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  1. 13 November 2023 - Humanities

    Quiz: 100 years of Disney vs Warner Bros.

    As two giants of Hollywood’s culture-defining studios turn 100 – Warner Bros and Disney – test your knowledge in this University of Melbourne quiz.

  2. 4 August 2023 - Music, Arts & Screen

    These five films are a ‘must see’ at MIFF 2023

    You don't need to be overwhelmed by the schedule at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) with these hot tips from a University of Melbourne expert.

  3. 27 July 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Everyone can help forge a safe ending to what Oppenheimer began

    The film, Oppenheimer, is a reminder of how fallible humans created the first weapons that could destroy our world, says University of Melbourne Nobel Laureate.

  4. 20 July 2023 - Humanities

    A doll is just a doll is just a doll

    The Barbie movie has renewed debate about the message she sends and feminism – but a University of Melbourne expert says it's a fallacy of plastic role models

  5. 7 March 2023 - Humanities

    Provocative women in cinema

    This International Women's Day, a University of Melbourne expert says the cliché of the sensitive women filmmaker ignores confronting female-directed movies.

  6. 25 October 2022 - Design

    Zanuckville: Australia’s strangest suburb?

    In the 1950s, the Hollywood Western came to Australia; a University of Melbourne expert says the cast and crew were put up in ‘Zanuckville' near Port Augusta.

  7. 1 April 2022 - Humanities

    The Oscars shift from big screen to TV stream

    A University of Melbourne expert says Apple TV+’s win for CODA crowned a night of Oscars firsts – but what does a streaming win mean for the future of cinema?

  8. 21 February 2022 - Engineering & Technology

    Technodystopia: Are we heading towards a real-world Blade Runner?

    Blade Runner depicted a technodystopian future. Almost 40 years on, University of Melbourne experts say some of these projections can now seem eerily accurate.

  9. 27 August 2021 - Humanities

    The poem behind the Green Knight

    The medieval romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is now a movie, but the poem already has a contemporary quality, writes a University of Melbourne expert

  10. 6 August 2021 - Music, Arts & Screen

    Ablaze with ideas

    An old silent film has given University of Melbourne opera singer, Tiriki Onus, a key insight into the work of his Aboriginal leader and filmmaker grandfather.